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Thomas brace not enough as Scotland edge out France in Murrayfield thriller

Well fought win for Scotland - good to get a close one, but I think it was Maitland who was Thomas’ opposite number on Sunday - though I’m not sure the video shows a ‘mesmeric step’ on anyone - looks like pure pace to me on Horne.

And I’m sure that’s Laidlaw not Hogg who was beaten by the bounce for the second try.

4 Months, 4 Days ago

Anthony Watson furious after receiving straight red card vs Saracens

Allowing for a bit of interpretation on the difference between 'on his head', 'on his shoulder' and 'on his head and shoulder area', it seems to me that the law has been correctly applied here, but the law in this case is a poor one. Two thoughts:

- the law creates a problem because an identical action can have a different outcome without the offender having any chance to influence the outcome. Goode's legs were taken out, and he landed on his head. If his jump were a little lower he might have been caught in the midriff and gone backwards not over Watson's shoulder - result no red card, and perhaps not even yellow. By removing the need for referees to judge intentions - was it a malicious offence, or reckless, or simply accidental - the lawmakers have created a different problem that is arguably just as unjust.

- there have been many other high profile examples, and doubtless many lower profile ones every week at all levels of the game. A player in the air with his eyes on the ball is in an inherently unprotected situation - it can be spectacular but there is no doubt it is dangerous. Personally I would ban jumping for the ball in these situations. Or perhaps we revert to the old mark law that you needed to be stationary under the ball with both feet on the ground to claim a catch - and then the risk/reward ratio might shift away from putting yourself or your opponent at risk in this way.

2 Years, 2 Months ago

Scotland snatch victory from Italy with late drop goal in Rome

So ... I agree with Dr G etc that it's far too early to be talking about turning points and we should reserve judgement until the tournament is done - if not longer.

But it's amusing to see RD talk about this as the 'annual' wooden spoon decider - for those with short memories, let's recall that these two sides finished third and fourth last year - and the wooden spoon decider turned out to be the drawn game between Ireland and France (postponed because the French couldn't provide a playable pitch on the scheduled day).

4 Years, 3 Months ago

Vincent Clerc's incredible try saving tackle on Max Evans

If it's a penalty/yellow card, then given there are four attackers in shot, and no sign of a defender, then why is it not a penalty try?

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago