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Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

Appreciate the comments and support from all the Irish. Unfortunately some of my countrymen have let the emotions get the better of them with some of the comments about the "Irish Ref", bias, and so on. The thought did cross my mind but on reflection the French could argue that some of the penalty decisions against them were suspect. Was it a "Red" - doesn't matter anymore for this tournament. Should we have still won - yes. Did we - we know the answer. We are Welsh, this will hurt like our hearts have been ripped out but we will regroup and bounce back. We need to finish on a high and go out to win a test against a SH team next week. Then we will look back in weeks / months to come with found memories and huge amounts of pride. I hope and pray that Gatland stays and is not coaxed back to NZ for a potential chance of leading the AB's. We need him and all his team to help us push on to 2015. It's amazing - 6 weeks ago we would have been overjoyed to have made it to the semi's - we need to remeber that when we have all calmed down. For Shane's sake we need to regroup and put in one massive performance next week. For all the other commentators from across the world that seem to revel in other nations heart ache - keep to yourself guys, winding people up just for the sake of it might be a pass time we all partake in on occasion - but there's a time and place. This is not the time or the place - join twitter and enjoy your ranting. As for me - proud of the Welsh team and I'm sure many other nation's followers feel the same regarding their own. Cymru Am Byth.

6 Years, 8 Months ago