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Matthew Morgan scores 90m solo effort for Ospreys against Edinburgh


Rugby08 are you a troll? Just read your comments on other posts and they're all very aggressive. There's having a debate and bringing something to the table and there's, well, what you do,

If you think it's reasonable to list one of your own players flaws then fair enough. Glad you're at the Os

3 Years, 4 Days ago

George North sets up great try but Gloucester sneak controversional win

Just read North's article on the beeb saying he needs time to settle in.

God help everyone when he does!

3 Years, 6 Days ago

Matthew Morgan scores 90m solo effort for Ospreys against Edinburgh

Whilst sporting rivalry dictates that I point out that being a season ticket holder at the Os hardly gives you the credentials to talk rugby ;) I'll admit I don't watch them regularly but what I've seen I've been impressed with. If this lad had been developing his rugby at a competitive level rather than benchwarming, occasional cameo or obligatory loan to Cwmflipflop once a month to show how the regions 'work' imagine where he'd be now.

On a more serious note though are you really an Os supporter? The ones I know rave about him rather than produce a list of his flaws. Pretty sure supporters are generally supportive of their players rather than slating them.

Great player. Great talent. Should've seen more. Hopefully will. Wish he was ours!

3 Years, 6 Days ago

Matthew Morgan scores 90m solo effort for Ospreys against Edinburgh

At 21 this is the kind of lad who should have been starting regularly for the Ospreys for the past two seasons and have a dozen plus caps. Every time I see him play he's electric - and no, I'm not an Os supporter. Yes he's small but so what? Look at 1/2p!
Don't want to take anything away from the current Welsh 10s but I'd rather see a lad with talent like this in that shirt than a generic percentage playing clone. Guess the way Hook's been treated will give an indication to how Morgan's career will go :(

3 Years, 6 Days ago

Nick Wood red carded after 73 seconds for stamp on Jacques Burger

'Clumsy'! wtf? Can commentators be cited for being absolute numpties?

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Bismarck Du Plessis controversially yellow carded for huge hit on Dan Carter

Totally agree. Du Plessis' completely legitimate tackle is utterly comparable to Scott Murray lashing out feet first into the face of a marginally late tackler.

Oh, hang on...

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Ronan O'Mahony back heel flick sets up try for James Coughlan vs Edinburgh

Not an ice-cube's chance in hell of that being deliberate.

Great to see though

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

The British and Irish Lions win the series 2-1 after third Test rout

Phenomenal performance but I can't help but have a bitter taste in my mouth... after all the slating this team got from the 'experts' can you imagine how many more points they could've scored if there'd been less Welshman and BOD was playing? ;)

3 Years, 2 Months ago

Wallabies snatch second Test victory to level the Lions series

What a game! Not a skill-fest but just about as exciting as you can get at test level.
Lydiate and Warburton. Back in tandem and immense
Parling. Huge effort from the man. Think people are forgetting the shoes he had to fill and he did so superbly.
Youngs. Jeez... this bloke's only been playing hooker a couple of years! I remember an old head telling me you don't peak I. The front row till you're 30 (load of bollocks) but this lad is only gonna get better.
Mako. In three or four years time he could be the best loosehead in international rugby. At the moment there's a lot being asked of him and I worry he's not ready.
Heaslip. When you need a dog, he's not the dog. Faletau has to start.
The bench. How badly used were they. Poor balance to start with and just had no one to make an impact. Tipuric anyone?

3 Years, 3 Months ago

George North picks up and carries tackler Israel Folau

There's going to be a press conference in the morning (BST) for George North to apologise for making Folau look like a sack of spuds

3 Years, 3 Months ago