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Elliot Daly solo effort for London Wasps A vs Bath United

Great run and try, but the tackling was shocking!

2 Years, 9 Months ago

Ryan Lamb calls for TMO after high flying penalty

As a kicker myself the reason they hit it that hard from short distances is kicking is all to do with timing and rythym. If you tried to kick it softer it would mess that up. That is why you often see kicks from greater distances miss, not cause the distance is too far, but because the timing changes when you try and kick it harder (or softer)

2 Years, 9 Months ago

Mike Tindall sacked and fined by the Rugby Football Union

This is ridiculous! The RFU are blatantly trying to make up for Englands poor RWC performance on the field by blaming it on events off the field. Mike Tindall is clearly being used as a scapegoat for the RFU. while I don't think he would get into a proper England team with proler management (another subject entirely!) kicking him out is complete rubbish. One of the best things about rugby is that the players are normal people and will join you in the pub after a game, not some sort of celebrity that would never interact with the general public. I can't believe the RFU are punishing thier own players for what 99% of us rugby players do, enjoy ourselves on and off the pitch and not act like stuck up footballers!

2 Years, 9 Months ago

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