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George North beats Alex Cuthbert to set up great Scarlets try

So, you pretty much agree with me everywhere. Good to know, as I havent followed the 6N as well as I wanted this year. Couldnt catch all the games.

In the n10 jersey I'd have to agree. Take Sexton as your starter and bring Farrel along so he gains a bit of experience and maturity at test level.

Well, while being "neutral" as a spectator (Im from Portugal), I have a bit of a bias for Wales and NZ. I think that Jonathan Davies is a HUGELY underrated player. It's hard to look past his bulk and strong runs, but he is actually quite an intelligent player. He often gets the pass away to the wings or to put Roberts into the gap. Hes not a magician, like Drico was (even though I think ODriscol is fading. Nobody deserves to be as good as he was forever), but is competent enough. The problem lies that in a Lions tour you want more than competent, and there just doesn't seem to be a 13 that is solid and not a bruiser. I'd give the world to get Conrad Smith to tour.

As for n8, I'd like to see Heaslip coming to form, allways rated him, but he seems to be running at half steam for years now. Both in Ireland and Leinster he seems to fade when compared to his flankers workrate and commitment, and hasn't won the fisical match with his opposite number often (he's always been the small and mobile type). And Radike Samo, probably good for another year, is no slouch.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

George North beats Alex Cuthbert to set up great Scarlets try

At Dave:

Now I think of it, don'tthink I agree with you on George North being THE best winger in the world, atm. One of the best, surelly, but Hosea Gear, Cory Jane, Digby Ioane (yes, even if suspended) and, I never thought I'd say this, but the guy seems to be coming back to form, Bryan Habana seem to deserve being in the mix. Then you have Savea, Nanai-Williams, Kahui who are improving too. But North remains a beast and one that can surelly become THE best in the world. To think hes 19!

Also, whatare your thoughts on a lions Starting XV? I know it seems easy to pull an almost full welsh squad, but try.

Knowing that the Lions usually imply a bit of role shifting, Id go:

1. Gething Jenkins
2. Rory Best/Huw Bennet
3. Alex Corbisiero
4. Richie Gray
5. Bradley Davies
6. Dan Lydiate (probably my 1st choice, but also other claims)/Stephen Ferris/Chris Robshaw
7. Sam Warburton (1st choice, but...)/Tom Croft
8. Toby Faletau/Ben Morgan (Impressed, but not enough game time)
9. Mike Phillips (Thought Lee Dickson or Lloyd Williams should also tour)
10. Owen Farrel (his boot means Kearney at 15) /Rhys Priestland and Sexton as backup (Farrel is still a kid. Sexton seems more balanced than "occasional brain-hemorrage" Priestland)
11. George North (no brainer)
12. Jamie Roberts
13. Manu Tuilagui (Huge center pairing, punching holes in Oz all day long)
14. Alex Cuthbert
15. Rob Kearney (Halfpenny in the bench, as cover for the back-three)

Hurray, managed to only include 9 to 11 Welsh in the lineup. Sorry, but they are just fantastic at the moment and are the only Team at the moment to have what the Lions really need, their biggest weakness: Conditioning and Teamplay. It just seems easier to fit the standouts from the other teams in a core that is performing incredibly, considering the limited time the Lions have to gel

6 Years, 1 Month ago

George North beats Alex Cuthbert to set up great Scarlets try

Dave, I think Richie Gray must be a shoe in for n4. Also think one Mr Rob Kearney will feel hard done not to be included in you "must" list.

The most exciting thing now will be the battle of the 10s. Sexton, Priestland, Farrel... Even that midget from Scotland who managed to inject some pace and X Factor in a team that is, at times, very one dimentional on offense

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Dean Mumm's huge hand-off on the Sharks' Marcel Coetzee

Also, and sorry for the double-posting, LOVE the pumped up fattie in the background after the handoff

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Dean Mumm's huge hand-off on the Sharks' Marcel Coetzee

Have to agree with stroudos. Almost as impressive as the handoff is the fact that Mumm really can move!

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Rugby Club Plays of the Week 2012 - Round 4

You're talking of two different things, mate. One thing is a try celebration dance (Digby Ioane doing his "showe dance" or the Turtle and Rene Ranger making a mock version of Ioane's Turtle), which is ok. It's a simple, fair, colourfull fun. You scored a try, do a backflip, cheer with your mates, do a little jiggy, ok. Not everyone's cup of tea, but there is no harm in it, so stop being such prudes. As long as they dont exagerate, as in American Football, I can't see why not.

Another thing is tauting the other team. Tossing the ball at an opposing team's player, this nauseating hip thrust, or just going to them and rubbing it in their face, THAT should be erradicated with severe consequences.

We all love some banter, and the occasional well rehearsed (or not. Hint, hint, Mr Ranger) team coreography, but stick to the honest banter with fairplay. This isn't football (neither American or "The Real One")

6 Years, 1 Month ago

O2 Inside Line - Six Nations 2012, episode 3

This seems like a new England, rebuilding, but I'm afraid there's no stoping this Wales side, appart from France on a very good day (as things are right now).

There isn't much of a weak link from 1 to 15, is it? Deadly and huge back three, incredible centre pairing, halfbacks who can turn things around, a killer bunch of loosies and a more than respectable tight five, even with the absence of davies.

England's time will come, thing seem positive for the future, but in-three-years-time future. Can't wait for the Lions

Ps - I know this is unrelated, but Im practicly about to pee in my pants with excitement. Super XV is coming! Catch the fever!

6 Years, 2 Months ago

Matt Giteau steps up as Toulon score late try against Stade Francais

What is happening with Stade Francais? They have a good team on paper, seem to be able to move the ball around with class, have an imposing forward pack, but seem to fail to produce. Why? Can anyone tell me?

Still, pretty poor sportsmanship (and I say this even though I HATE Botha and his antics. He is more famous for his incidents than his quality of play. I bet if his locking partner hadnt been Matfield, he wouldnt be so well known) from Stade Francais. That bitch slap from sackey on the toulon frontrower that was trying to break the fight was just cowardice. He didnt have the guts to do that on the open, thats why he did it and then went hiding behind his teammates

6 Years, 2 Months ago

Super Rugby 2012 Profiles - The Australian teams

That would take all the fun of it. The Alternate Rugby Commentarry and the Plays Of The Week are good examples of this, being so bias it's funny. A bit of non offensive banter.

Still, some pretty good views. Reds are obviously top contenders, but not much else actually happening. Waratahs have a history of breaking down mid/late in the comp and seems White bit more than he can chew and wont be able to present a decent outfit (no problem, theyll do nicely against the Kings come next year). The rest of them seem clear bottom feeders. If Reds dont take the crown again it'll surelly go to NZed. Is this the Blues' year?

6 Years, 2 Months ago

Wales looking strong after solid win over Scotland

No way that was a knock on. That being said, and while I'm not up to speed on scotish rugby, what the hell are they doing? They go through games with a super narrow game (granted, they have a great forward pack, and one must play to one's strengths), run odd and predictable lines and decoys, as was shown in a huge hit by jon davies, I think, who knew where the ball was going and had more than time to have a cup of coffee before murdering the receiver, and then we have plays like that. Obviously there are some players (i.e., Laidlaw, Hogg) that have that X-factor, that can create something out of the blue. So why play such a narrow game, instead of using forwards to create difficulties in the defense and have quick ball to creative backs? Again, please fill me in, I dont know much about the scotish game. I think with their forwards, laidlaw, hogg, Visser in a not so distant future (cant wait for that) and maybe a scrummie with crisp service, a rugby brain and an atittude, scotland can become so much more...

6 Years, 3 Months ago