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Top Ten Tries of 2011 from Canal+

It's simpler AND seems more exciting*

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Top Ten Tries of 2011 from Canal+

Rich_W, I have to agree, I only understand half of what they are saying, but their enthusiasm is intoxicating. I like that, same as I like that welsh comentator in a Lee Byrne try (I think) shouting, as if his life depended on it "DID HE GET THE BALL DOWN!?!?". Its way better than the dull comentators you get in England or in my country, Portugal. I think for the huddled masses, it's easier to like football because of this. It's simpler seems more exciting (if you never stepped on a rugby field, that is). In football there's this huge party, and excitement, and everyone is very passionate about it (not talking about hooligans, they should all be banned for life). Rugby sometimes feels rather dull for outsiders, and it lacks the "ambiance", like the french have in their stadiums. I wish we would see more of Toulon's "Pilou Pilou", or Ireland's Fields of Athenry and Flower of Scotland, Englands Swing Low, Sweet Chariot or Scotland's Flower of Scotland.

Sorry for the long post, just my two cents

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Exclusive interview with Richie McCaw, featuring Don't Drop The Egg

Well, Richie really seems like a pretty nice, down-to-earth guy. There are some of them in the allblacks (and in other teams too), like Thorn, Dan Carter, Mealamu and Nonu.
Cool to see some really interesting and original questions. The one about the worst part of winning the RWC really makes you think. As a professional, they just have to find the right motivation at all times, and that can be tough. Like him or nor, McCaw is one of the most influential and best players of the modern era (for me, with carter, the 2 best players ever), and this is a great interview

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Imanol Harinordoquy's father joins fight against Bayonne

Couple of points: Although his actions are inexcusable, you have to feel for the man, seing his son get ganked 2 on 1. Still, he shouldn't have intervened. Good from the flyhalves part for not dishing some punches in the heat of the moment. He got the man away from his teammate and left it at that. But the worst part is, I bet Imanol is going to get a whole lot of stick from every rugby player he meets, something like "Are you going to call your father to beat me up?". Or then again, maybe not, as most people wouldn't dare tell that to his face

6 Years, 1 Week ago

Commentator Michael Corcoran the Cookie Munster

Make him eat a cookie during matches. HMMHGMHGASNHGMGHMHGMHGM...!!

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Wallabies crush the Barbarians in Matfield's farewell game

Damn, right, Ehtch. Cipriani only likes to play behind a dominating pack. And after all his so called "defensive coaching" during the off season, he STILL can't tackle to save his life

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Edinburgh beat Racing Metro in eleven try thriller at Murrayfield

It seems weird that nobody is there to cover a heineken cup game, especially since racing metro would be considered a serious contender. Not a soul from the french side? Is there no scotish regional network?

Pitty to miss out on this game

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Sam Warburton's big tackle for Cardiff Blues against Racing Metro

Thanks, RD, I've been meaning to explain what a hospital pass is to a friend of mine new to rugby. Now I can say a hospital pass is the one that send the receiver to the hospital and show him this, Cheers

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Ronan O'Gara sinks Saints with injury time drop goal

40 fases, without conceding a penalty, both offence and defence. The man has some shit games in his past, but every other game he makes the commentators cum. "O'GARA! O'GARA! O'GARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!", epic match

6 Years, 4 Weeks ago

Jamie Cudmore yellow carded and cited for strike on Jerome Fillol

Well, honestly, Cudmore shouldn't have done that. With his track record he should have learned that the way to go for any lock (that's where the name "enforcer" comes from) is to not respond, wait for him to attack the line near you and with a legal tackle break a couple of his ribs, give him a pat on the back and whisper "off you go, next time think twice before doing that to my scrummie". Case closed. Your role is to keep the other team on their toes, show them some respect, like Brad Thorn. It isn't the first time you run affoul with the law, son.

But I have to say Filliol should have gotten a card and maybe 2 weeks on the sidelines for recklesness. No attempt to make any kind of legal tackle and a blow like that in the throat/neck area can cause some serious damage. Also, for christ's sake, man up, what is that football-like act? Are you waiting for your team doc to come and fix your hairdo with a bit of hairspray? Milking a penalty much?

At least this is my view as a second rower

6 Years, 1 Month ago