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Amazing kickoff as strong winds blow ball back over the dead ball line

"9.A.2 (b) If the ball has crossed the crossbar a goal is scored, even if the wind blows it back into the field of play."

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Scrum Masterclass with Rugby Tonight and Exeter Chiefs prop Craig Mitchell

What goes on in the front row is absolutely none of my business; nice to get a scope of it from afar. Good stuff, RD! Keep 'em coming.

4 Years, 11 Hours ago

New Zealand complete Bledisloe Cup clean sweep in Dunedin

Better from the Aussies. I fancy them to get a few wins on the road in November. They won't do a clean sweep though. The All Blacks on the other hand... Very hard to see who's going to beat them.

I'm a massive QC fan and it was great to see him play so well.

4 Years, 4 Days ago

Brian O'Driscoll's incredible skill at training - Lions RAW teaser

What does BOD owe to Gatland that he can't be candid when asked the question, "Do you resent him for it?"
I'm not anti-Gatland, I think he made some great calls for the Third Test. I just don't see why anyone, anywhere can't answer a question honestly.

4 Years, 6 Days ago

Brian O'Driscoll's incredible skill at training - Lions RAW teaser

So, the most high profile dropping of a player since the Romans put Nero on the bench and he's not supposed to be upset about it?! It was inevitably a big thing in the sports media; I personally reckon that he did well to keep his opinions to himself until after the tour.

4 Years, 6 Days ago

Brian O'Driscoll's incredible skill at training - Lions RAW teaser

Some ri-Dric-ulous skills on display!!

4 Years, 6 Days ago

Rob Simmons yellow carded for off the ball shoulder on Felipe Contepomi

Agreed. Look at Contempomi's head whip back on impact. No play acting required on that one.

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Martin Landajo banned for one week for stamping on Wallaby hands

Just a penalty for me. I think the ref got this one right. I can see where Landajo was coming from but it was a bit over exuberant for my liking. Pretty much a nothing incident though.

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

New Zealand in strong position following bonus point win over Argentina

Well, as I understand it, he hasn't been resigned with the Highlanders and none of the other NZ franchises seem to be interested in him; attitude seems to be a factor. Yet he keeps getting picked for the ABs and deservedly so. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

The situation has a lot of parallels with the O'Connor scenario in Australia.

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Heineken Cup debate with Conor O'Shea, Shane Horgan and Donal Lenihan

I personally think Lenihan nailed it; 7 French and English teams, and one from each Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales and the four best of the rest in the Pro-12 plus the Amlin and Heineken winners from the previous year.

Qualifiers are another great idea, it works for the Champions League pretty well.

Looking at this year's draw, there are 11 of the Pro 12 teams in the draw, the ten seeded teams plus Leinster as the Amlin champs. This is in contrast with 7 French (Toulon as Heineken winners) and 6 English. It seems to be a bit askew.

As the guys said, it's going to take some big men to negotiate and compromise for a fair deal that benefits the game.

4 Years, 1 Month ago