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Midweek Madness - James So'oialo and the odd shaped balls

The strapping on So'oialo's hands certainly did assist in his handling during the game as seen in this clip. It's truly shameful that he wasn't punished for his reach-around on Strauss.

4 Years, 4 Months ago

James Haskell big hit knocks out lock Alistair Hargreaves

Have to say that although Haskell may not have intended injury his actions were dangerous and could have seriously injured his opposing player. What he did was not tackle the man, but rather hit him straight in the head. I think a penalty and a yellow were even warranted. Before you critics start to say I prefer soft rugby, I disagree entirely. I love hard-nosed and extremely physical rugby, but as someone who has received countless headshots like the one delivered on Hargreaves I would like to see them eliminated from the game.

5 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Wallaby legend Stirling Mortlock's retirement tribute

Stirlo, you legend. Such an awesome all around player. Has to go down as one of the best centres in the modern era. Physical, fast, hard, fearless, and always played with heart.

A great example of a classy, but courageous competitor!

5 Years, 4 Months ago

WIN an adidas ball signed by All Black legend Dan Carter

Dan would have to be my starting 10. Although Jonny Wilkinson is close behind. Carter offers more in attack and is just so rugby-smart, while Wilko offers great rib ticklers and solid all-around play. Both are truly LEGENDS of the game.

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Tai Tuifua's dangerous flying tackle on Nicky Robinson

Nonsense! If that's not a red card offense then what is? The tackler drove his head into the face of the defender and made no attempt to make a proper tackle. I'm all for hard rugby, but that was reckless, shows no respect for the opposition, or the laws of the game. A "tackle" or rather hit like that can easily end a players' career or worse. Tuifua deserves a lengthy ban as a result.

Regarding Johndoe's comments on Wayne Barnes - whilst I agree he does miss a lot of big calls he can't shoulder all the blame. His AR's also have to be held responsible. In this case, the AR's were absolutely useless and made no tangible contribution.

5 Years, 6 Months ago

Classic Encounters - Hurricanes snatch dramatic win from the Blues

I'm still baffled at Weepu's decision to kick possession away with an aimless effort with 80 seconds to go! What was he thinking? There was zero chase, and 7 phases later Smith is in for the try. It's decision making like that which ultimately cost the Blues the game, and thus far their season.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Greg Martin rips into smart Tahs Tom Carter following dramatic Reds win

BANG ON Marto! Carter is a complete ass clown, and very ordinary player - you hit the nail on the head.

5 Years, 8 Months ago

Solly Tyibilika scores on Springbok debut vs Scotland in 2004

Very Sad to hear of Solly's passing. He was a great inspiration and player. Condolences to his family and friends. The rugby world has lost a great member. RIP Solly.

6 Years, 1 Week ago

Delon Armitage suspended for five weeks for two incidents

Both were absolute shockers - well deserving of a lengthy ban. What's the deal with these primadonna's (Fuimaono-Sapolu and now Armitage) trying to be clever/smart on social media? How stupid can they be? It makes me sick to think that these idiots are supposedly 'professionals' - they're an absolute disgrace to sport (not just rugby), and themselves.

6 Years, 1 Week ago

Huge amateur hit from club rugby in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biggest hit I've ever seen on a rugby pitch...

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago