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Wales thrash England by record score to retain Six Nations title

OMG so many scrum experts on here. England should start recruiting scrum coaches from this site!
Please could the English stop bitching about the referee and the scrums. Jesus guys, man up! If any of you have ever played rugby before you should know that you play according to the referee ie. You push the limits of what you'll get away with and keep at it. It's not Wales' fault that the English weren't street smart enough to compete with them. And anyway, has anyone ever seen a fairly contested scrum, ever? I don't think it exists.
Wales were by far the best team on the pitch and deserved to win! Too many English players exposed, Ashton especially! Rugby league boy that can't tackle - classic! And we saw the old boring English game plan of kick, kick and kick some more make a return... Shocking!
Well done to Wales! The only northern hemisphere team I support as I'm south african. And the reason for that is because Wales likes to "move it" and score tries!

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Cian Healy banned for three weeks for leg stamp on Dan Cole

Agh God, what next?? Where is Nigel Owens when you need him, "this isn't soccer" comes to mind! Man up guys, Cole was clearly slowing the ball down by keeping his leg up, Healy just pushed it down... Simple!

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Toby Flood faces ban for alleged dangerous tackle on Andy Goode

If you watch Floods' body position throughout the tackle, he's driving him backwards/sideways and NOT lifting him at any point! No way a spear tackle!!
Goode landed awkwardly due to the supporting players interfering. At worst a penalty..

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Calum Clark cited for bending Rob Hawkins' arm backwards

This idiot - clark, shouldn't be allowed today this beautiful game! I remember this jerk flying into a loose mall during junior world cup, headbutting one of the Baby Blacks. He's a disgrace and I hope he gets his soon!!

6 Years, 2 Months ago