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Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

Lets just wait until the final whistle before you bang on about how bad this tour has gone. Obviously everyone is going to have an opinion on what the test selection should be, and some opinions show why you don't have a job in professional rugby coaching. I agree with most of you that Tom Youngs, Conor Murray and BOD will feel hard done by, but I think we should congratulate Gatland and the rest of the coaching staff on picking the players that they think are best suited for the job in hand - and not picking a side to keep all the media and fans happy because our favourite players are involved.

2 Years, 2 Hours ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

With that theory in mind ... many losses could have easily been wins.

Last Saturday could have easily been a win if the kick went over, and Wales have hardly lost convincingly to the Aussies in recent times (14-12, 20-19, 25-23). Wales should have won the last three games that they lost in the dying moments, IMO if they had a player like sexton or Farrell to control the game at the end then they would have.

2 Years, 3 Hours ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

I agree, I think Heaslip has done a lot more than Faloteau on this tour, but I think Faletau deserves his place.

2 Years, 3 Hours ago

HSBC Lions Weekly - Reaction as series is levelled in Melbourne

Ideally there would be a blend of players from all four of the countries, but this is a test match that needs to be won - to do this you need the best players on the park who are going to suit the gameplan in place. So don't go talking rubbish about there being a Welsh bias, each individual player has earned their place in the side, maybe you want to have a go the Scottish/Irish/English players for not being good enough. Gatland and the rest of the coaching staff are there to get a lions series win, not to go on a jolly and put a smile on everyones face. What would you rather, a lions win or a nice blend of nationalities? Don't get me wrong, I'd love both, but if that's not achievable ... I'd much prefer the win, even if there were 15 English in the side.

I'm not saying that they are going to win - but in the coaching staff's opinion, this is the best side they can put out to try and achieve this. Each player on tour is a lion, not seen as welsh, english, scottish or irish in the coaches eyes, so the only reason you won't be watching the final test this Saturday is because the players with your nationality haven't done enough to earn their spot.

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Wallabies snatch second Test victory to level the Lions series

Great test match! Hats off to Joubert for a much better refereeing display at the breakdown today. Lydiate and Warburton were immense in defence and around the breakdown, Lydiate has always allowed Warburton to have more of a free role around the park where Warburton last week played like a 6 with Croft fanny-ing about out wide. Undoubtedly Croft is a better attacking option than Lydiate, and is better suited coming off the bench.

Lions will need Corbisiero coming back next Saturday to assure more dominance in the scrum - even though Vunipola did quite well after the first few. Jamie Roberts will be crucial as well to offer some go forward ball off first phase, the key and missing part to the current Lions attack.

Today's game could have easily swung the Lions way, buzzing for next Saturday!

2 Years, 5 Days ago