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Owen Franks somehow escapes punishment after fingers in Wallaby face

The ones I know are just fine. As with any fan base, it's a mistake to judge everyone by the idiot minority.

4 Weeks, 14 Hours ago

Owen Franks somehow escapes punishment after fingers in Wallaby face

I agree with you Lloyd. Even if it's with the palm of the hand, the face is just a no-go area and there should be some official recognition of that in a case like this, whether or not further action is taken.

4 Weeks, 19 Hours ago

Los Pumas beat Springboks in Argentina for first time ever

I agree flacointheus. In the world of rugby that I know, people are delighted to see the growing strength of Argentine rugby, and as far as I can see, World Rugby is taking sensible steps intended to promote the game in Argentina, and promote Argentine rugby internationally. And it seems to be paying off as the Pumas' international record steadily improves. If steve is right that Argentine fans think the world doesn't want them to win, I can only say that I watch a lot of rugby, read a lot of analysis and comment and talk to people all the time, and I haven't noticed anything of the sort.

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Phil Kearns has some interesting theories about All Blacks success

There was only one penalty difference (9 to 8) and a free kick each way, so it wasn't a highly penalised game. The SA/Arg match had 22 penalties and 2 frees. If I remember NZ was pinged a couple of times for offside in the first half and adjusted. But they were still quick and in the face of a national side that seems to have lost what was a deservedly celebrated ability to penetrate even the best defences. I was pleased to see NZ play well to win, but I've always admired Australia's approach to back-play and at the moment it's all a bit of a worry.

1 Month, 2 Days ago

Phil Kearns has some interesting theories about All Blacks success

After a couple of looks I was thinking you might have posted the wrong clip, RD. I couldn't find the "hilarious" bit. Although I guess it's sort of amusing to hear Kearns once again flailing away at the opposition with the wet noodle that he tries to pass off as cutting analysis.
I don't have the stats in front of me but I'm going to take a leap in the dark here and suggest that more than one or two Oz props of recent times would feature in that "most penalised" category. I wonder if Dr Phil has ever singled them out as such at the 1 minute mark of a Wallaby test.
In fact you're right RD. It's vintage Kearnsie, comedy gold.

1 Month, 3 Days ago

Australia's Women claim historic Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics

I'm no expert on this, but there are several types of haka for different occasions; battles, funerals, welcomes and various celebrations. People are mostly familiar with the pre-battle haka, but there are others in which women participate, or in fact are specifically for women, such as the Ka Panapa welcome haka.
I believe that even the traditional battle haka could involve women as observers whose verdict on the quality of the men's haka would influence the decision about whether to go into battle at that time.
So no, there's no issue. Women have always been involved in the haka.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Aaron Cruden gets stuck in Highlanders celebration after brilliant try

That did make me laugh, and I agree with jimmy too, good stuff all round. I guess Dixon just decided to drag Cruden into the hootenanny because good rugby is fun for everyone, right?
Smart low pass from Smith to avoid the approaching McKenzie. There are players who are as good in their own position, but in my opinion there's not a better rugby player around than Ben Smith.

2 Months, 1 Week ago

Nick Frisby yellow carded for kicking ball out of tryscorer's hands

That's right, the ref had no choice. Further down Law 22 it says: A player who prevents a try being scored through foul play must either be cautioned and temporarily suspended or sent off. So Frisby got the lesser of the penalties by being binned, which is fair enough. There was nothing dangerous about his action… you just ain't allowed to do it.

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

The Best Skills were on show in June's Test window

Sorry, made reply a new post by mistake.

2 Months, 3 Weeks ago

The Best Skills were on show in June's Test window

My first response was that some of the clips were of fairly standard steps and offloads that I see in games every weekend. I also think that Roberts's grab of the attempted kick-through, which lead to a Welsh try, was as good as some of this stuff. And other moments come to mind. But that's the nature of subjective compilations… on another day or by a different person, and half of this video might be different.

2 Months, 3 Weeks ago