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Jurgen Visser penalised for preventing Brumbies from taking quick lineout

Should have been red carded off of the bench.......remove such gamesmanship from the sport, blatant and cynical

4 Years, 5 Days ago

Friday Funnies - Nick Easter takes a tumble over a drinks cooler

Red Card the drinks cooler, swept him off his feet & landed him on his upper body.... that's just gotta be d.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s

4 Years, 1 Week ago

Rugby HQ's Top 7 Sevens Moments of All Time missed off , surely ?

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4 Years, 1 Week ago

Midweek Madness - Marland Yarde recovers from cramp to score a try

The correct Law to apply is 11.8 as he was OFFSIDE AT the preceding RUCK.

"When a ruck, maul, scrum or lineout forms, a player who is offside and is retiring as required by Law remains offside even when the opposing team wins possession and the ruck, maul, scrum or lineout has ended. The player is put onside by retiring behind the applicable offside line. No other action of the offside player and no action of that player's team mates can put the offside player onside.

So there it is chaps, he CAN become onside again, BUT ONLY once he's retired behind the previous ruck offside line, and the key words are in the final sentence NO OTHER ACTION. He didn't retire, so it's goes down as a Bad 'Critical' decision.

4 Years, 1 Week ago

Mass brawl between Arka Gdynia and Budowlani Lodz in Poland

Poland [home] v Germany [away] , might be worth watching !

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Treviso and Scarlets halfbacks sinbinned after push and shove sparks fight

Red 9 was hardly deserving of the ball being jammed in his face, what had he done? Nah... come to think of it, and Welsh 9 deserves a smack in the gob, if not for what he has done, but for what he will do soon !

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Michael Rhodes straight red card and suspension for stamp in face

Impressive work by the AR, ....... fairly straight forward decision, although i'm amazed the recipient went over to shake his hand...... or maybe he went over to say "next match Rhodes" watch your back" !

4 Years, 4 Weeks ago

Rory Kockott misses long range penalty but tries again with dropgoal

there are 10 SH in NZ leagues better than him, just buy one of them !!! French National Pride, whatta joke

4 Years, 1 Month ago

Rory Kockott misses long range penalty but tries again with dropgoal

The IRB have got this wrong.......... When 16 [or signing their 1st pro contract] All players should declare their Nationality & stick with it. Switching cheapens this sport, he seems to be saying I want to play for SA, but i'd accept France, ......whatever next????? maybe if france aren't interested Portugal, Phillipeans, Iceland or Andorra ......... National Pride - do me a favour !!

4 Years, 1 Month ago

1995 RWC Battle of Boet Erasmus - South Africa vs Canada

Just watched this again...... No11 puts in x2 kicks, one near the advertising hoardings & then a second a few seconds later..... what a coward !!

4 Years, 1 Month ago