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Carlin Isles dropped ball blooper ruins great fifteens debut try

TRY ......100% , ball never went toward one inch.

Sarcastic applause is unwelcome in the game, but equally is showboating....both led by the TV Elite Players ....

6 Months, 1 Day ago

Test stars say thank you to Brian O'Driscoll in adidas tribute video,_Louisiana#/search

Maybe it's being held here ?

6 Months, 1 Week ago

Ireland and O'Driscoll celebrate 2014 Six Nations victory in Paris

or even .... difficult to defend !

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - George Ford's Innovative Kick

Law 9.A.2 [a] It's not allowed to hit the ground after its kicked.

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - Nigel Owens tells off Mike Brown and Yoann Huget

Ooooops not anymore !!!!

7 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - Nigel Owens tells off Mike Brown and Yoann Huget

Ok for kids up to u16 IMO beyond that age avoid !!

7 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - Nigel Owens tells off Mike Brown and Yoann Huget

Mike Brown clearly was attempting to get the ball to take a Quick Throw In.

Law 19.2 [i] is expressly written to penalise Huget for his QTI obstruction/prevention ........

“If a player carrying the ball is forced into touch, that player must release the ball to an opposition player so that there can be a quick throw-in. Sanction: Penalty kick on 15-metre line”

You can also add in 10.4[n] which prohibits “Obstruction” or 10.4[m] which deals with “unsportsmanlike” behaviours.

However you look at it, Hugets actions were the catalyst, and Nigel Owens AND his AR both know this.

If NO concentrated on refereeing the Laws rather than his self promotion of ‘look at me’ [ I believe his slogans now appear on T-Shirts !!!!] then maybe this blatent ‘gamesmanship’ would be managed out of the game.

England would then have had a Penalty Kick & a chance to go two scores ahead ............ Oh..., ah ha – perhaps I’ve stumbled on why England didn’t get a PK as the Laws require ..... Shame on you NO.

7 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Jacques Burger's tackling masterclass on Rugby Tonight

Where are you standing? one-eyedsville ?
He has promise, sure..... But best ever needs to meet the longevity test
Tuigamala ticks a few boxes, but tuilagi also gets my vote.

7 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Scotland 'A' vs England Saxons LIVE STREAM - Friday, 7:30PM GMT

at 9...... Care & Youngs ........ Dickson & Wigglesworth all in the Elite squad ..... & yet Robson gets to start for the Saxons - perhaps x2 are injured , otherwise why?

8 Months, 1 Hour ago

New Ireland prop Rodney Ah You smashes lock Alistair Hargreaves

Of course he's improved most 13 yr olds do each year until they reach 21, and tuilagi would've done at any rugby club, in fact so would've my sister.

Manu was on the wing as a kid, catch the ball and run like fuck & bash anyone that came your way , that's it, little else ...... Kinda what we see now except in a bigger version...... & if you can't see that DrG then it's you who is the fockwit morun, not me ........If you can't be civil, then don't bother replying - Twunt's like you bore me.

8 Months, 1 Week ago

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