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Sebastien Chabal knocks out Marc Giraud with big right hook

You get professional fouling in professional rugby, but the conclusion of your YC wish would be matches abandoned through lack of players left on the field !!! ..... Players have to be cleverer at making the officials aware of the problem, and officials can issue sanctions - retaliatory punching however ISN'T acceptable, & in this case YC wasn't enough .... expect a lengthy post match ban.

4 Years, 1 Day ago

All 16 Sevens teams pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

It's really strange, I recall NM wearing the springbok shirt, & I recall the SA's playing songs during the breaks in the world cup matches ................. but most of all I remember the sight of those SA black women brushing the water off the pitch & their supervisors instructing them.

Then in the final i recall the way that Jonah Lomu was targeted by Andrews & co....for some cheap shots....

strange images to remember, but it's these that stick in my mind more than the winning drop goal. Believe me or not, I don't care, but it's the truth.

4 Years, 4 Days ago

Midweek Madness - David 'Superman' Marty flying over the ruck

All laws say "ball has left" the ruck maul or lineout or scrum. Hands on doesn't exist in Law, only in the interpretation of elite referees , which then feeds down to below that level eventually...... unless anyone can evidence a "hands on law"?

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

George North and Richard Hibbard huge hits in lead up to Israel Folau try

It'sanother tactic, keeps the guards occupied & guessing....the dummy & cut option is available & actually buys time for outside backs ......... fly halfs should align deeper & exploit the extra space no, you're not correct IMO.

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

George North and Richard Hibbard huge hits in lead up to Israel Folau try

Cite him someone !!

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

George North and Richard Hibbard huge hits in lead up to Israel Folau try

No ! ..... Mr Knockon

10.2 Unfair play

A penalty try must be awarded if the offence prevents a try that would probably otherwise have been scored.

'Probably otherwise ' is a lower test than "in no doubt"

If you're going to quote...... quote accurately kind sir.

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

George North and Richard Hibbard huge hits in lead up to Israel Folau try

I don't agree that George North had a great game.......... Yes no doubt going forward he is impressive, but how many times does he get drawn in not trusting his inside teammate to make their tackle ..... Australia ran around him a number of times ..... three try's cost? to my reckoning - Yes !

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Tevita Kuridrani receives five week suspension for dangerous tackle

You Pirates Rugby are an apologist for deliberate foul play. I've just travelled back from a premiership match and had a chat on the train with a ex-rugby player in a wheelchair, broken back caused during a match ...... you look him in the eye and tell him that taking someones feet up in the air "without a damn good reason" is justified.

The rugby lawmakers say it's not, officials must do likewise & you me ol pirate must move into modern times, this sport is unrecognisable from the one that our parents played.

The Law is clear, Read Heed Comply or Goodbye.

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - The Dominic Day knee slide cramp celebration

ole gunnar solskjaer's knee slide should serve as a warning to players ..... do it at your peril !!!

4 Years, 4 Weeks ago

Sona Taumalolo and Yoann Maestri red carded for France vs Tonga fight

Rugby Law 10.4[L] requires players to control themselves and not retaliate.

This Law is one of the fundamental requirements to negate the likelyhood of brawls commencing.

Why is it that the best sides in the world rarely brawl, but that the lesser sides & i include Georgia & Romania [& french club rugby in this description] are always at it.

The authorities set the tone, and referees should always always punish the retaliator & REVERSE the PK, because it is this that sends the 'discipline' message to players.

Ignoring the retaliator is 'implied permission' to retaliate without consequence..... no wonder it all kicks off.

4 Years, 4 Weeks ago