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Richie McCaw knee on Morgan Parra, Donald kick, Rougerie eye-gouge, and more

In regards to Joubert, he did the exact opposite of Rolland. He did not step up to the plate on the day. I think he was better then Rolland in the semi final, even thought I think Warburton's red card was the right call. As Matt Williams said, it's a pity France didn't get the chance they deserved to try win it.
Rugby dump being biased? Ridiculous, the reason I love this site is because the facts are laid out and we, the readers, chose how to interpret them.

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

I don't think you can argue with the decision. If it's an IRB directive to clamp down on tackles like this, then I say fair play to Rolland for having the balls to make that call.(Check out RTE's half time and full time discussion, they bring out the relevant laws). ITV showed tackles that got yellow cards and penalties during the world cup, but those players also got suspensions, which shows they are clamping down. Because Rolland gave the red, Warburton doesn't deserve a suspension as he's been punished enough. Rolland stepped up to the plate and fair play, there's too much moaning about referees in sport and not enough appreciation for the difficult job they do.

6 Years, 7 Months ago