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Chris Ashton carded for high swinging arm on Maurie Fa'asavalu

My point is that if this guy were playing for a Pacific Island nation, or for a Tier 2/3 country, the full force of the IRB would have come down upon him, and they use words like "reckless".

However, when it's a player from a favored nation, they talk of "bad luck", "no malicious intent", etc. etc.

It all comes down to refereeing / citiation / punishment by assumption -- when "good players" do it, it's unfortunate; when "bad players" do it, it's cynical.

2 Years, 3 Hours ago

Chris Ashton carded for high swinging arm on Maurie Fa'asavalu

If it were the other way around -- fill in the blank -- would it have been a straight red?

a polynesian on a ginger
a forward on a winger

2 Years, 1 Day ago

Ilai Tinai suspended for five weeks for dangerous tackle against Wales

Not asking for the TMO to jump into everything in sevens -- the game is too quick, and a TMO decision would give players the chance to recover (which is a huge advantage in sevens). They already rely on in-goal refs (vs TMO) for tries.

That said, I think that for foul play, the referee should be able to refer it to a TMO. But not for PK vs yellow -- to me it should be if the referee has already judged it to be a yellow, and then it's up to the TMO to escalate to a red (vs yellow).

You then use the two minutes of yellow card time to get the TMO to review and decide if it's a red. If it's worthy of a red, then the player simply doesn't come back. The game isn't needlessly slowed down.


2 Years, 1 Day ago

Young Prop Dean Irvine scores 90 meter intercept try

Different oval ball code -- but this play from James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL Superbowl a few years ago is a good reminder of how special it is when a fat man runs..

2 Years, 2 Days ago

Young Prop Dean Irvine scores 90 meter intercept try

During the post-match interview they asked him if he was going to have a pint and a meat pie after the match.

He said that he was a vegetarian teetotaller.

2 Years, 2 Days ago

Waisale Serevi talks about THAT classic try at the 2007 Hong Kong Sevens

Funny how they replay the touchdown about four times and they edit out the Tomasi Cama, Jr. splashdown on Serevi at the end.

The IRB must think that it doesn't sell the "product" all that well to show Cama's late shot, and the little scuffle that came of it.

2 Years, 4 Days ago

Seven of the Best Tries from the 2013 Hong Kong Sevens

The Cory Allen dummy must have cost the Fijian defender some serious fines at Kangaroo Court

2 Years, 4 Days ago

Scotland go back to back with tense victory over Ireland

The best way to reduce to the dominance of kicks is to punish infractions more severely.

Penalties are still PKs, but if whip out the yellow card sooner, the offending team will stop offending.

Instead, they want to make the punishment to the offending team (3 points to their opponent) less likely -- thus that makes the sanction for penalties even softer? If so, then bring back some productive boots and argy-bargy to clean up the breakdown.

2 Years, 1 Month ago

Sergio Parisse red carded and banned for insulting referee

the Philippines is also the place where MILF run amok in the South.

2 Years, 1 Month ago

Rebels vs Force Highlights - Super Rugby 2013 Round 1

In the lead up to the Higginbotham yellow,

Referee asks for AR's view of the fracas. AR says that he didn't see anything that started it, but he saw 6 Blue retaliate. Referee then asks the AR if he should refer to the TMO, or is he [The AR] happy?

Seems like terrible mgmt from the AR and the Referee. If you're willing to award a card for what looks like retaliation, and you admit that you did not what may have started it, AND you have a TMO at your disposal, how could you NOT use the TMO?

Does the Super Rugby's expanded scope TMO scope in this season allow for this?

This video shows the Referee / AR discussion (starts at 1:28)

2 Years, 1 Month ago