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England beat the Barbarians in high scoring Twickenham romp

'Wade doesn have a good step' is tht a joke!? the guy is electric, look at his tries on youtube, then tell me that he doesnt have a good step. He is chosen in the squd because of his abilty to elude defenses, something which the english team has not had on the wing for a VERY long time.

England team for the first test against SA:

1. Corbisero
2. Hartley
3. Cole
4. Botha
5. Parling
6. Johnson
7. Robshaw (c)
8. Morgan
9. Dickson
10. Farrell
11. Monye
12. Joseph
13. Tuilangi
14. Ashton
15. Foden

16. Marler
17. Mears
18. Palmer
19. Youngs
20. Hodgson
21. Wade
22. Brown

4 Years, 11 Months ago

The Beast's power saves Anton Bresler from disaster, twice

Does this move usually pay off? beacause more times than not, I have heard of the lifted players being neally dropped on thier heads, i.e. Keegan Daniel. Wouldnt it be much easier just to comit two men to the lift on either side of the jumper rather than just one?

However in saying this, it is a great individual piece of strength from the beast.

Would have liked to see Andrew Sheridan try this lift. As in my opinion he is the only other prop in the world that is strong enought to do so, apart from the beast of course.

5 Years, 4 Hours ago

A double dose of Rugby Club Plays of the Week - Rounds 12 & 13

How is the tackle at 0.31 at all dangerous? Its a perfectly legit tackle!

5 Years, 3 Days ago

Carl Hayman suspended for four weeks for Zee Ngwenya spear tackle

Haha.....You can buy as many good players as you want Toulon, as clearly it has not affect on your trophy cabinet.

5 Years, 3 Days ago

Quade Cooper returns after seven months off through injury

Cant wait for Quade Cooper to put on a baa baas shirt.

Quade Cooper + Baa Baas = Awesome

5 Years, 5 Days ago

Highlights of Leinster's record breaking Heineken Cup final win over Ulster

so much back row talent!

I agree with most of your selections, bar one, I belive that the second rows should be Lawes and Gray, not O'Connell, He is a great leader i know, but for the style of rugby that needs to be played down south, i.e. fast pace, i cant help feel that Lawes would be the better option, and let us not forget he is like a missile, when he locks on to his target, their is not question who will come of secod best.
And as for hooker I believe Best or Hartley would be the better options, namely because the have had more inernational experince, all though if he is the uncapped player in the squad tthen i understand his selection.

5 Years, 6 Days ago

Highlights of Leinster's record breaking Heineken Cup final win over Ulster

Totally agree with your idea of standerdising salary caps for Europe or even global rugby club teams, beacsue in my opinion the heineken cup is becoming increasingly unfair for the British clubs, with exception to Leinster, Munster and Leicester, and this problem is only likely to worsen.

As for your question on England. Yes I do believe that they have currently introduced the rule, by which they only choose players from homegrown clubs, however in exceptinal circumstnaces , they will choose a payer from outside england, although the players must be of the highest quality. The main reason that England implemented such a rule was to rid themselves of the problem by which they have to ask the foreign club if they can release their player for international duty, as the six nation often clashes with the Top 14, for example.

5 Years, 1 Week ago

Highlights of Leinster's record breaking Heineken Cup final win over Ulster

'The question remaining is if they would also do that if the South paid the same amount of money..' That is a question that I do not think we will ever see the answer to. As unfortuantley, for British Clubs and in some respects super xv teams, the french salary cap seems to be monoploysing that of any other premiership system, therefore (predominanty British clubs - mainly Welsh teams atm) thier best players seem to be leaving for the french clubs, which to be honested sucks! as it is killing leagues such as the heinken.

5 Years, 1 Week ago

Highlights of Leinster's record breaking Heineken Cup final win over Ulster

Yer I agree, the total sheer number of NH clubs virtually makes the influx of international players very diluted, this is especially true of the english clubs, who lets be honested if were able to compress their number of professional teams to that of 4 or 5, would be fairly strong in the heineken cup (however this would never happen).

You stated that most of the players moving to the NH are either ex internationals or players who have not quite made it into their respective test sides. This i agree with, however I cant help thinking how many very decent players 'who are considered not good enough for thier test side' are coming over to the NH, despite in my opinion showing enough qualities to make it into thier own test sides or at least being good enough to be taken into consideration. For example Luke McAllister, Luke Burgess, David Smith, Francis Louw.

5 Years, 1 Week ago

Highlights of Leinster's record breaking Heineken Cup final win over Ulster

I dont think you statment 'Super rugby has a much higher density of top internationals' is necessarily true.
For instance look at Leinster they are able to field players like; Cian Healy, Heaslip, Sexton, O'Driscoll, Reddan, Kearney, Ross, D'Arcy etc all of which currently play for Ireland (not including players like Thorn, Nacewa all of which have and currently play for their test sides respectivley).
Then you have teams like Northampton who field an almost entire inernational xv (i.e. Foden, Dickson, Tonguiha, Lawes, Dowson, Pisi, Ashton etc).
Then consider clubs such as Toulon, Clermont and Toulose, who frankly themselves field an all star rugby xv team.

Then compare this to the western force, lions and cheetahs, of super rugby, who don't field neally as many internationals. Although I do accept the fact that there are clubs like this in the NH, i.e. Connaught, Exeter etc.

The bottom line is that you very rarely see NH players moving to Super xv, but you tend to see inceasing numers of SH players (even current internationals)moving to the Rabo, Top 14, aviva. So this would tend to suggest that what you have stated is the exact opposite.

5 Years, 1 Week ago