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George North and Richard Hibbard huge hits in lead up to Israel Folau try

If Quade Cooper got sin binned for preventing a try scoring opportunity as the ref deemed it..then why wasn't North's try awarded as a penalty try that would have seen the Welsh win it!

4 Years, 4 Months ago

Rene Ranger shows the finger after high tackle by Bundee Aki

"But so what? The mics pick up all kinds of words on the field too, just part of the aggressive nature of the game."

no..that's where you're wrong mate. These guys get paid a f****g fortune to keep a cool head. I love this sport for it's aggressive nature, but I also love this sport because the players don't get aggressive and verbal and petulant with match officials like soccer players and just take a disagreed decision on the chin and play the game to gain the advantage back. I don't want techy petulism getting into rugby union like you see all the time in soccer. Rugby...a barbarians game played by gentlemen.

4 Years, 9 Months ago

Rene Ranger shows the finger after high tackle by Bundee Aki injury, just expressing his thoughts to the line judge to me. All the same, he should keep it in his pocket. Don't want my kids following his example by doing it at school matches cos 'I've seen the pro's do it' ! Take up soccer if you want to be a techy player in your sport.

4 Years, 9 Months ago

Montage of Amazing Lions Test series in Australia, plus WIN a 2013 Lions jersey

1. George North's try in the first test...that set the Roman candle alight..

2. Alex Cuthbert's try in the first test..anything Folau can do Cuthbert can do better... straight through 4 Aussie defenders..

3. The fantastic Lions fans who made the series seem like a home series they were so vocal!! Both sets of fans made great ambassadors for the sport..what a series! Great family entertainment!

The medical teams earn a mention too, to get those injured players match fit again in so little time was incredible... outstanding drills! And also, to see the players who were sitting out the tests emphatically getting behind the team on the pitch and showing true support and encouragement without sour grapes was fantastic to see and showed professionalism at its best.

4 Years, 9 Months ago