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Griquas centre Jonathan Francke cited after awkward tackle and sending off

I am one of those people that believe that red cards should almost never be shown. In 25 years of rugby on three continents playing, coaching, and reffing I have seen maybe 6 or 8 crazy incidents when the player proved he didn't deserve the privilege of competing in a rugby match.

Historically rugby made it about 180 years without them and the game is much worse off for it. If someone did something outrageous in the past. they would be sent off, but it was hardly ever for a tackle and quite rare. Player ejections in any sport should be rare, not commonplace and that is the bottom line.

As my coach once told me "They can only dump you if you let them". Run low and nobody gets dumped. Try it.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Griquas centre Jonathan Francke cited after awkward tackle and sending off

How about this: don't go into contact with two defenders at a high body angle.

Just because a guy lands awkwardly it doesn't mean the ref has to ruin the game.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

The Top 5 Worst Celebrations in Rugby history

Before Cipriani did his half ass "Dougie" he pulled up injured too. You can't do a dance then hobble off the field.

Hugging and high fiving your mates in the tryzone is cool. Any pre-choreographed dance move should be an instant yellow card! Back in the way back day players would be stonefaced after scoring.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Soteria Pulumu suspended from Women's World Cup for Spear Tackle

#6 England. Damn.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

The Top 5 Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Moments

Great player and character that really adds so much to our game. Rugby needs Cummins in the spotlight badly. I certainly cannot blame him.

I can't help but think this is a sign of things to come. The foreign money vs. test career thing is coming to a head. The best players are not going to be content to forgo serious paydays just to rep their countries. Money talks and everything else walks.

I wonder what the difference is in salary between the Force and Red Sparks?

2 Months, 2 Days ago

Jonah Lomu wreaking havoc against Australia in 1995

I remember watching Lomu's profile screen on tv back when they had height, weight, club, and OCCUPATION. It said he was a bank teller. I wonder if he ever really worked in a bank.

2 Months, 4 Days ago

The Top 5 Moments from the 2001 Super Rugby Season

Interesting exchange.

As far as lineouts what the law did with lifting was turn an individual skill to a group skill. If you guys didn't play back then it was quite different. If you had a very tall or very skilled jumper you could basically kick for touch with impunity from anywhere on the field.

Having a great lineout jumper was akin to having a great kicker on your squad. Many guys specialized. Of course it was also a great place to sort people out, refs hated it, and it looked like a mess on tv.

Most of the changes come from the game morphing from an enjoyable player-centric activity to a polished television spectacle driven product.

2 Months, 4 Days ago

The Top 5 Moments from the 2001 Super Rugby Season

You damn right!

2 Months, 1 Week ago

Ma'a Nonu's bumps off Colin Slade with massive charge

What's up with Nonu's eyebrows?

2 Months, 1 Week ago

South Africa stun Scotland with eight-try romp in Port Elizabeth

Well, what did you expect?

I'm ready for Scotland to get good again.

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

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