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The Wallabies run riot in Rosario with big win over Argentina

I think the Argentines have a lot to be proud of over the course of their first two years playing in the tournament. They may be winless, but there have been some very close games (including a draw) and some games where maybe a slightly different mentality or game strategy could have ended in a different result. It's obvious that up against these three other teams, they will be exposed from time to time, as was the case at the weekend. A lot of people were expecting their first win, but the team didn't show up... is it a case of preferring the underdog role?

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

The Wallabies run riot in Rosario with big win over Argentina

Having watched the entire game, I'd tend to agree that Argentina played crap (and they'd probably not take too much offence at that statement). It's always difficult to gauge how much one team's crapness is a direct result of the other team's performance levels, but my overall impression after this game was that Argentina made it difficult for themselves. I have not seen the official statistics for the game so may be wrong, but it seemed like they missed an extraordinary number of tackles and were guilty of lots of handling errors in attack. The highlight reel doesn't show it, but a number of the Aussie tries came immediately after the Argies were in promising attacking positions and contrived to knock on or throw a loose pass - within one or two phases, the Aussies had scored.

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Rory Arnold banned for bite in process of scoring first ever Currie Cup try

Indeed. Try biting your own forearm to see how much pressure you need to exert to leave something that can clearly be identified as a bite mark!

10 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Toulon play Olympique Marseille in half rugby-half football charity match

That scrum looked more competitive than an average Super Rugby scrum.

1 Year, 1 Week ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

No. BOD got to O'Connor but Davies had been drawn in possibly thinking O'Connor was going to make it through the gap. Once O'Connor passed to AAC (Davies' man), Davies couldn't get to him in time.

1 Year, 3 Weeks ago

The Wallaby injuries from the first Test against the British & Irish Lions

I think North did give Folau a shove with the intention of causing a collision or at the very least a mix-up. However, that is a far cry from saying he intended to injure Barnes and am not sure how the commentator can reach that conclusion with such conviction.

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Lions prop Cian Healy cleared of biting scrumhalf Brett Sheehan

The strangest thing about the incident for me was that when being pushed and provoked while sat on the ground, Healy did not react at all. Healy is not usually someone to shy away from a bit of push and shove (I am not saying he is a dirty player), especially if provoked. I wonder whether he had done something wrong, knew it and realised that if he reacted, more would be made of the incident.

Another theory is that he did nothing wrong, knew the other player was looking for a reaction and the serious amount of lectures about keeping your discipline the Lions players must have been given following the Hartley incident actually paid off!

Before anyone shoots me down for the first paragraph above, I am a big fan of Healy, both the player and, from what I have seen of interviews with him both in and out of rugby, the man.

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Lions prop Cian Healy cleared of biting scrumhalf Brett Sheehan

I thought exactly the same at first, but if you watch again, when he starts this particular comment, the replay that has just been shown is not a replay of the incident itself, but a replay of Sheehan whinging to what appears to be a bunch of Lions players, to closest of whom is BOD. I don't think the commentator is referring to Sheehan showing Healy his arm in the immediate aftermath, although by the time he gets his comment out that is the replay being shown again.

I hate it when commentators get names wrong through lack of knowledge/laziness, but I don't think this is the case here.

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Brian O'Driscoll answers the fans' call with one year contract extension

To continue the digression... You want to try watching a game in Brazil. If there is a part of the game when the commentators should definitely shut up, it's when the ref is talking to the touch judges or players. Here they seem oblivious to it and just carry on jabbering away. Gets me so annoyed.

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Dimitri Yachvili forgets he's playing rugby, backheels pass for Erik Lund try

Agree. But an interesting discussion nonetheless!

1 Year, 3 Months ago

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