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Manu Tuilagi apologises for 'bunny ears' prank on prime minister

I think it's down to education really, Although what he did is of no real consequence and could perhaps be seen as humorous by some, he is a representative of the British and Irish Lions, England and the great team sport of Rugby so his individual action which was probably completely spontaneous could be interpreted in the wrong way by some and let everyone else down. If he wants to act like a kuhnob he should do it on his own time. Though this is nothing like when Ronan O'Gara refused to shake hands with the Queen and just stood in front of her with his hands in his pocket like some knacker. He represented Ireland and tried to make some personal statement. If he didn't like the Queen or what she represented then he shouldn't not have attended. He certainly didn't represent the vast majority of Irish people. Again I believe it's down to poor education and upbringing.

4 Years, 9 Months ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

What Gatland needed to do was change the game plan and pick players suited to that plan. He was always going to try and win this series through power and BOD voiced his frustration at being shackled by such conservative strategy. At the beginning of this tour one hoped for something different but now we see that was never going to happen, not because of the players but because of the management and coaching staff. The most costly error made on this tour was not to have Joe Schmidt as the Lions attack coach. The Lions would probably have the tour in the bag by now if he had been involved from the start..

4 Years, 11 Months ago

The Brumbies upset the touring Lions with historic victory in Canberra

Some dreadful mistakes made all round though I guess it has to all start from the pack. Rory Best's continual line out malfunction not only turned over ball but gave the Brumbies growing confidence and the Lions shrinking confidence which you could see in Ben Youngs' reaction to Best's squint throw ins. OK a scratch second string Lions side with a load of guys just off the plane against a really motivated second string Brumbies side who've been together for 18 months, it was always going to be close. Real questions is if Gats really just wanted the win. He should have brought on replacements at half time. Both Farrell and Murray can't kick up and unders. Anyways it'll be a different team on Saturday so hopefully Australia do build up some belief, it'll make it a great match.

5 Years, 1 Day ago

Lions prop Cian Healy cleared of biting scrumhalf Brett Sheehan

What is it about the Aussie media, can't they even tell the difference between a seventeen plus stone prop and Brian O'Driscoll? is it arrogance or what, that they don't bother to do their homework and can't identify northern hemisphere players correctly. It happens all the time down there. You can be sure when Australia tour in this part of the world, most rugby fans and the media know who each player is. Maybe when the Lions win the series, they'll start to remember better though knowing their form they'll probably just moan on how bad their lot are.

5 Years, 1 Week ago

Brian O'Driscoll dumped off the ball by Mauro Bergamasco

Totally correct. You'll see refs give players a lot more time executing a tackle on a player making a kick than a player without the ball. I think once a ref believes a tackler is truly committed and the tackle isn't illegal they'll let it go whereas O'Driscoll didn't even get near that ball and Bergamasco thumped him. If Bergamasco got duped by the dummy run that's his problem and to follow through with tackle on a player who's not in possession of the ball then it's a penalty, pure and simple, if the tackle was a tip tackle which it wasn't he would have been cited. Ref missed it so Bergamasco got away with what was without doubt a piece of intimidating play which is all part of rugby. O'Driscoll had a hissy fit because he nearly wet his pants thinking 2005 again, shoulder could've gone and no Lions tour which will be his Swansong.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Elliot Daly clearance kick lands straight in the bin

BBC2 Question of Sport, run to 4 seconds, freeze, what happened next?

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Ilai Tinai suspended for five weeks for dangerous tackle against Wales

Miguel, as you should know a referee must be completely objective and ref a game by the rule book. If a player commits a foul that warrants a red card then it is the player who has changed the game not the ref. Some discretion should be allowed but not for professional fouls and plays that puts the health and safety of other players in danger. You are right in the fact the ref by showing a yellow and not red as he should have done took the responsibility of making a game changing decision which is not part of his duty.

5 Years, 2 Months ago