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England and France's Twickenham thriller not enough in dramatic title chase

Didn't see the game, so I cannot comment on the referee. But if you're going to nitpick, then was that not an entry from the side from Debaty ahead of Mermoz's try (at 4:40)?

Like I said, I can't say if Owens made all the right calls - likely not. But it looks like infringements by both sides may've led to tries.

I'm just happy France held England from the championship; for that, merci beaucoup à Les Bleus.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

Agreed. I love an Irish win. Any Irish win. But after that game, where they came so close, all I ever think is "Would this game have beaten that ABs?". Hard to say. Ireland are so good at forcing a team to play their game....but I can't help to think that NZ wouldn't have had only one try against that England squad...

But maybe my hopes are just too high.

As I said, though, a win is a win is a happy win.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

Also didn't notice your comment down below.

I agree with the sentiment.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

"England's number 15 was more than likely to run straight at the nearest green jersey instead of passing the ball to any linking backs."

To be fair, that sounds like Rob Kearney as well.

But I see your point.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

Noticed that, too. Coming from an Irish fan, England could've felt a little hard done by a couple few decisions on the pitch. That being one of them. There were a couple of close calls that could've resulted in turnovers but for Irish hands not letting go of the pill, too.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Ireland hang on against France to stay on track for title defence

Sexton was kicking so deftly, I thought for a second ROG was out there.

Sexton is looking to be a terrific leader for the Ireland squad. Agree with the above comments - when he wasn't on the pitch, it was obvious the boys lacked a bit of direction.

2 Years, 1 Week ago

World Rugby accepts George North should have left field after concussion

I didn't see the match, so I'm speaking blindly, but - was North not laying prostrate and motionless when the medics came onto the field to look after him on that first KO?

What "sight" or angle of the incident do you need more than that? If a player is knocked out, surely that implicates a concussive action, no?

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Record crowd witnesses All Blacks in full flight as they crush USA

Commentary was more embarrassing than the scoreline.

A few moments of pride to take away from the Eagles' performance. Thought Scully played his heart out. The whole team played as best they thought they could...

Room for improvement running and offloads, defensive cover tackles, scrums. I mean, some things will never happen unless the US starts taking rugby seriously. But some...I mean, what happened to the defensive effort that was there against Ireland last RWC? I think the USA made over 100 (close to 130?) tackles that game?

Sure "they were playing the ABs" is valid, but an excuse is still only an excuse.

Come on, England!

2 Years, 3 Months ago

Ed O'Donoghue cleared of eyegouging after red card game changer

"if you're going to stick your hand or fingers near them, be prepared to get a bit of heat for it"

So what of Higgibotham's hand in O'Donoghue's face - near the eyes - as well?

2 Years, 9 Months ago

Sona Taumalolo and Yoann Maestri red carded for France vs Tonga fight

Anyone else notice what looks to be a cheap shot but Taumalolo with a punch to Chouly's (?) gut in the first tackle?

Looks like he was just out there to punch away and start a fight as quickly as he could...

3 Years, 3 Months ago