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Alesana Tuilagi straight red card for high tackle on Jean de Villiers

That was an absolute peach. Not as dangerous as Horwill's filth, plus he did it in the open instead of sneakily risking a man's eyes but putting 18 stone through his studs into his face.

If he gets the same citing commissioner as Horwill or Schalk gouge Burger he'll have the red rescinded

4 Years, 10 Months ago

All Blacks seal series clean sweep with third Test victory over France

I thought France were pretty good for the majority, scoreline doesn't tell the whole story. They just seem to have a mental block in getting across the try line, could have had two tries in the first ten minutes

4 Years, 11 Months ago

The British and Irish Lions win the first Test as Kurtley Beale misses late penalties

I couldn't believe Philips just jogging like that. He let Genia go in the first place. Maybe even if he'd sprinted he wouldn't have stopped the try, but it's a certainty that he wouldn't doing that.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

British and Irish Lions too strong for determined Waratahs in Sydney

That's all I came on to mention. Mitchell looked such a pro, he had all the tricks. Does he keep getting injured? Think I'd pick him just for that

4 Years, 11 Months ago

The All Blacks win the series with convincing victory over France

I live in NZ and went to the game on Saturday, I was supporting the french just because I love an underdog but they were pretty toothless when it got to the end business end of the pitch.

What I wanted to say though was.....the All Black fans are terrible. The only noise that came from them was booing the french onto the field and cheering their points. Ok, that doesn't sound so bad, but there were clumps of 10 or so french fans singing and cheering throughout the game that could be heard a stand away. The kiwis sit there in silence expecting a win. I know kiwis are stoic, but it was being in the library section of a church.

I've watched Irl, Arg and France play them now, and every time the travelling fans have made the game. If the kiwi fans got anywhere close to as good as their players, the games would be phenomenal.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

WIN an Xbox 360 console and copy of Rugby Challenge 2!

rugby games are so rare,get behind sidhe and get playing.there were flaws with the first game,but I am delighted they've developed a second edition.I'll put a few hundred hours in

5 Years, 1 Week ago

Jonny Wilkinson absolutely smashed by huge Opeti Fonua

what an absolute monster.Wilkinson did't flinch about hitting hard and up top,but he got totalled.he doesn't do self preservation,rog would have been digging a hole with his gum shield to get out the way,as would i

5 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Ian Keatley clearance kick hits Wayne Barnes square in the face

the kiwis were loving this yesterday, they were still talking about the 2007 world cup. seeing as forward passes are one of the cornerstones of their game, i can't believe how one sided they see it.

so he made one (big) mistake, i think he's one of the best out there.

by the way, anyone know if the french bitch as much about joubert as the kiwis do about barnes?

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Michael Lynagh and HSBC Ambassador Jason Robinson react to England's loss

Brilliant to see Lynagh looking so well. Robinson is looking pretty trim too, any chance we can persuade him to dust off his boots? He was genuinely world class, we haven't found a back 3 near as good since.

Now, without starting a riot, I find it very difficult to support England. We have mincey players who get the best equipment and facilities, they get pampered by the sponsors and yet they just look average on the pitch. Instead I find Argentina are the team I can really get behind, masses of passion and determination. They played in the South American wilderness until the inclusion in the Rugby Championship, they play with pride and are now getting a set of backs worthy of their pack, which after some of the class of 2007 retired, I thought they might never be able to do.

5 Years, 6 Months ago

DTH van der Merwe beats defender, pulls hamstring, sets up try

i agree, but he played on enough to set up a try so they were within their rights to try to stop him

5 Years, 7 Months ago