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Ireland break drought to upset New Zealand for the first time ever

Sorry, of course 10-1 is what I wanted to say. :-)

8 Months, 1 Week ago

Ireland break drought to upset New Zealand for the first time ever

Totally disagree. Everyone expected NZ to take that dip after the World Cup, but they've played 11 tests this year and have gone 11-1. You seem to ascribe this success to "deep rugby culture" but they have known for a while that there was to be a huge turnover after 2015 and they have prepared. One loss at a neutral site to an excellent Irish team doesn't change that (and doesn't mean that they will "struggle again"). England is improving, but don't get in a hurry to anoint them.

Calling Barrett unproven is frankly ridiculous. He's at nearly 50 caps and was the key cog that finally led the Hurricanes to the Super Rugby championship, and he's far more than a "few flash runs". He's been outstanding all year and would probably be the starting 10 for every other international side. Aaron Smith is solid, though he's clearly in a bit of a muddle right now; I actually think Perenara is the better 9 and he showed it when he came off the bench on Saturday. Savea and Dagg are an impressive wing combo and Ben Smith is world class. Crotty is up and down but seemed to be the only one with his head on straight this weekend before he got injured. They are still searching for a solid 12 & 13 combination but that always takes time in any team.

And I agree with hedderball that their pack is just as impressive, but currently going through a trough with injuries at the moment. Ireland had a great gameplan and showed that NZ are human; pressure doesn't always get to NZ, but sometimes it does. I'm guessing they'll bounce back, but should be a really interesting match in Dublin in 2 weeks!

8 Months, 1 Week ago

Ireland break drought to upset New Zealand for the first time ever

Yeah, that was weird.

8 Months, 1 Week ago

Ireland break drought to upset New Zealand for the first time ever

Absolutely a cracker of a match and Ireland 100% deserving. All Blacks were clearly off their game due to the Irish pressure; Murray, Sexton, Kearney were all fantastic, but I'm actually hard pressed to think of anyone in green that didn't have a solid game.

Joe Moody had a shocker, the ABs lineout was the worst I've ever seen (at least until they started throwing short in the second half), and missing several of their key locks really hurt them. All credit to Ireland though.

Feeling blessed that I live close enough to be there in person, what an historic week in Chicago! Really happy for all the Ireland fans.

8 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Paul O'Connell comes up with one of the greatest ever sports quiz show answers

Awesome! Funny to see him counting the letters to see if the G sat in the right place.

8 Months, 3 Weeks ago

5 AMAZING tries from the Aviva Premiership

Nor in the US. :(

9 Months, 1 Week ago

Quade Cooper sinbinned for off the ball shoulder on Nicolas Sanchez

Ooooh, we were so close to having a comment thread that *doesn't* actually include an offhand insult to New Zealand! Top kek for doing it on a clip that had nothing to do with them too; very impressive.

Oh well, just keep trying I guess. ;-)

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Best tries of the Mitre 10 Cup - Round 5

Unbelievable dummy at 3:09!

10 Months, 16 Hours ago

All Blacks too strong for error-ridden Springbok challenge in Christchurch

Interesting to see jersey "26" in your feature photo. I presume that Etzebeth post-jersey rip?

10 Months, 2 Days ago

Taranaki lock produces best around the corner offload you're likely to see

Yawn. So an innocuous post on a sweet offload leads to rehashing the Franks incident? Mate, you're better than this, I think.

We get it, you're pissed about Franks getting no punishment, as would most rugby fans, and you're well justified to feel that way. But continuing to harp on it makes you sound like the old man telling the kids to get off his lawn. The Ugalde incident for Brive just a few days ago was just as bad, if not worse, but your only comments there had nothing to do with the question at hand, but snarky comments about NZ.

The citing process is broken, and you've had good comments about that before, but I think you're starting to see shadows where there are none.

10 Months, 5 Days ago