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Jebb Sinclair controversially red carded for 'leading with the elbow'

I agree with you Adrian, the only hand-off which is legal is with an open hand. However, this has no bearing on this situation.

As one of the refereeing fraternity, I do not agree with the outcome against Sinclair. This was not a 'forearm chop' hand-off, whatever one of those may be. Instead, it was Jackson tackling poorly, getting his head in the wrong place, and Sinclair brushing him off. Not leading with the elbow as claimed by the ref, and presumably the TMO.

4 Years, 3 Days ago

Jebb Sinclair controversially red carded for 'leading with the elbow'

You have that one bang on. As stroudos says below, that is exactly what leading with the forearm/elbow is and is exactly what the law is designed for. Sinclairs was never a penalty, let along a red, in a month of Sundays.

4 Years, 3 Days ago

Springboks brush aside Welsh challenge with convincing win in Durban

Wales were out muscled, out played, out thought, out everything that you could think of. Hard running from the Boks just softened us up. We did not turn up in the first half at all. How much of this is a case of playing too much rugby considering half the team were on the Lions tour last summer as well, don't know myself but seems to have made a difference.

I think that Gareth Davies and Matthew Morgan made a very positive impact from the bench as they moved the ball around with much more pace, seemingly troubling the Boks defence. Not sure if this was tiredness, the fact that the game was already won, or whether this could happen from the beginning.

I do think that Gatland needs to take a look at this, as Warren Ball does not seem to work as our physical play just gets knocked back against the powerhouse Boks.

4 Years, 4 Days ago

Jebb Sinclair controversially red carded for 'leading with the elbow'

Sorry, just find it impossible to let your comment go considering how selective your memory is.

While the Godman/Byrne incident is up for debate, the others you have mentioned either did not happen or were clear cut. Hogg jumped at Liam Williams and elbowed him in the face. Straight red. Scott Murray kicked out at Ian Gough in 2006. Whether he meant to kick him in the head or not is irrelevant. Straight red. Nathan Hines has never been sent off against Wales, and had not even played them as early as 2000.

As for this incident, I am torn. It looks like Sinclair attempts to shrug off Jackson who is in a really awful position. The slow motion just makes it look really bad.

4 Years, 6 Days ago

Jebb Sinclair controversially red carded for 'leading with the elbow'

I don't think that is the TMO speaking, but the co-commentator. Notice how the Welsh commentator replies at one point saying 'that is what he will be asking'.

4 Years, 6 Days ago

Wales get past defiant Italy in Six Nations opener in Cardiff

So what you are saying is that the referee, assistants and TMO never get it wrong...interesting one that is.

As soon as they scored I said that there was a forward pass earlier in the play. The pass was forward; commentators thought so, everyone I have spoken to thought so, somehow the officials came to a different conclusion.

As matt said, this concept of the direction of the hands seems to have put in a grey area whereby passes that are forward are now not being given. Thankfully, this awful decision had no impact on the final outcome of the match.

4 Years, 4 Months ago

The British and Irish Lions win the series 2-1 after third Test rout

I think that saying the win should go down with an asterisk next to it is a bit silly, and even more so claiming that the Aussies were almost second string. Granted, they were missing a few players and that Pocock in particular was a big miss for them, however, the Lions were missing a number of players too don't forget.

If you put an asterisk next to this win then why not put one against the RWC 2011 win for NZ after the officiating of Joubert in the final, or Japan beating Wales recently on tour with Wales having 23 players missing, the list could go on.

At the end of the day it was a series win for the Lions and that is what will appear in the record books.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

Lions make five changes, Wallabies receive fitness boost ahead of 2nd Test

Nonsense comment there dave with regards to Tuilagi choosing Wales over England. Wales was never an option as he was never eligible to play for Wales, only England or Samoa.
I disagree with Ian as far as versatility is concerned regarding Tuilagi as he plays centre, nothing else, Cuthbert plays wing, nothing else, they are both as versatile (or not) as each other. I suppose WG will be thinking that he has the versatility in the starting backs with Bowe covering wing, centre and full back, Halfpenny covering wing and full back, and North even covering centre at a push. Can't disagree that Tuilagi would give more of an impact from the bench and must admit I was surprised to see Cuthbert there.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

James Horwill cleared after alleged stamp on Alun-Wyn Jones in first Test

Read the reports again there murph. There was no evidence of a bite. Whether you agree with the Horwill decision or not, there is no comparison.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

The British and Irish Lions win the first Test as Kurtley Beale misses late penalties

And there it is, the last resort of those poor at producing a balanced argument, the insult. Well done DrG, well done.

4 Years, 11 Months ago