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Samoa stun Wales with impressive win at the Millennium Stadium

People will undoubtedly cite what I am about to say as sour grapes and that is indeed their prerogative, but if it can be disputed then please do so.

While I have no problem with Samoa winning yesterday, they fully deserved to as the outmuscled, out played, out thought, out whatever you can think of and played with the pride pulling on their nation's jersey evidently brings. However, people talk about big hits from the Samoan boys, but a few of the hits that went on during that match were less big and more illegal. Correct me if I am wrong but nowadays, according to the laws, a player when joining a ruck must attempt to use arms and bind onto another player. Case in point is the one shown in the video which led to Biggar's withdrawal. No attempt to bind, shoulder into the head causing injury, and illegal. JD seems to think it was fairplay, JD needs to check his laws again. Also, Halfpenny got absolutely laid out by another 'big' hit when running down the wing. Swinging arm to the face left him flat on his back, Wayne Barnes not 5 yards away.

I take nothing away from the Samoan performance, and had this two incidents been treated correctly they would have received 2 yellow cards and possibly ended up losing a game they thoroughly deserved to win. However, I really wish people would understand what a big hit is and not confuse it with an illegal one.

2 Years, 3 Months ago

Ireland beat Scotland in eventful Six Nations clash in Dublin

Think that No9scrum has it right there. There is a nuance in the law whereby you don't have to release in goal, therefore Morrison was perfectly within his rights to hold onto Bowe. That being said, it was surely held up and not a double movement which should've resulted in an attacking 5 metre scrum.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

You honestly need to go back to English lessons or spend more time studying the English language if you think that the this you have highlighted from my previous post is an attempt at getting one up. And me saying that is not insulting nor an attempt to get one up but a fact as you clearly don't understand what I said.

With reference to your dangerous tackle claim that the laws change all the time, they don't. What does change relatively often is the wording of the laws in order to clarify certain things. You have never been allowed to pick someone up and drop them on their head, that has always been considered dangerous play.

I do not need to win all the time as you continually claim, however, it does amuse me when someone such as yourself tries to show how much knowledge they have only to be so way off the mark. I therefore felt you needed to be educated.

Once more you want to continue our debate, not that it can be as only one side of the discussion is informed, despite previously claiming you didn't. This suggests to me and anyone that were to read this that it is you who needs to get the 'win' to boost their ego, not me. Again, not an attempt at getting one up, but a fact as you haven't got a clue what you are talking about half the time.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

Once more you insist on replying despite, as I've pointed out on numerous occasions, claiming that you didn't want to. Anyone with a small amount of intelligence would tell you what that means.

You see through me and the type of person that I am? That's mightily impressive by a few words on a computer screen I must admit.

I have no need to get one up on people, and my reference to our last coming together was not an attempt to do so. It was instead to show you, although you evidently don't want to see it, how off the mark you are when it comes to rugby matter considering you have no idea how the laws work. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong on this, but did you not need to look up the laws on tackling in terms of when a tackle became dangerous?

Carry on replying, I am at this point highly amused by the way you try in vain to show that you know what type of person I am. I will refer you back to something, remind me who it was that felt the need to try and start some form of slanging match? Would you not agree that an intelligent debate has no room for this type of behaviour?

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

You were the one who kept claiming that they no longer wanted anything to do with me. I have at no point said that I was going to stop responding. So, logically, it is you that obviously feels the need to get the last word in otherwise you would have stopped when you claimed you were going to. It doesn't irritate me in the slightest, I have all the time in the world.

As for the last debate, it involved tackle laws and what constitutes a tackle according to the laws, something which you didn't have the foggiest about and ended up disappearing having been proven wrong. I'm sure that you will claim that you didn't disappear and that you were taking the higher road or some cock and bull story. You are just making yourself look silly here Pretzel.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

I have no need to make myself feel better about myself. I am happy with my life and my knowledge. You, on the other hand, have shown how inadequate you feel you are through how annoyed you have become by comments that we're just that, comments and not insults.

Correct me if I'm wrong but our last debate finished with you feeling to the hills, never to be seen again, as you had absolutely no counterargument to what I had stated as you knew that I was right. It's not a question of making myself feel better but a matter of fact.

I find it highly irregular that while you find the time to respond to my responses you are unable to respond to all my points or question. Could this be that you fail to understand them or just that you have no way of responding in a rational manner?

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

You obviously have a chip on your shoulder about both the English language and your knowledge of rugby, hence your inability to drop this discussion despite claiming you wanted nothing more to do with me.

Last time I proved you wrong with regards to laws you just went silent, unable to make any kind of response. You would have been far better off taking the same course of action this time as well.

3 Years, 20 Hours ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

Now, I'm going to say something thay may cause you some distress, and may offend you as you don't seem to like being told the truth, so if you don't wish either of those things to happen to you then don't carry on reading...

You clearly don't have a 100 per cent handle of the English language and need to spend more time immersed in it to get to this level, or go back to English lessons to learn more about the subtleties of the language. If you are currently having classes then it may be a good idea to consider changing teacher.

I say all of this as you clearly don't understand any of what I said in my last post, it was absolutely lost on you.

You do amuse me somewhat though, as if I were to be arguing/debating/talking with someone that tired me, that I felt had no respect for me or went so far as to say that I no longer wished to have dealings with that person then I would stop posting replies to them. You obviously feel you have something to prove, continue proving it if you like as I am yet to see what it is.

3 Years, 23 Hours ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

It wasn't your 4th and 6th posts, but I'm not going to pedantic about that as yes, you did indeed clear it all up. My continual debating, as that's what it was, never arguing, was mainly due to the fact that you have until this point failed to recognise that there was any way for confusion to arise from your initial statements.

I commend you on finally admitting that you were unclear about what you wanted to say though, which made your statement erroneous and contradictory, so thank you for that.

3 Years, 1 Day ago

Wales claim the Triple Crown with nail biting win over England

You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion and I have I no point said to the contrary. However, having just reread your very first post on the subject to see if I have missed the point here and am making a fool of myself and can only come to the conclusion that I haven't. Tell me where in your very first post you mentioned anything to do with the TMO and ref coming to the correct interpretation of the laws? No? Didn't think that you could. This is where your whole argument falters on that you were clear in what you were getting at.

You constantly say that I miss the point, however, it is you that does so due to lack of understanding of certain nuances in the English language (yes, in your eyes I've insulted you again, as I said before, 'Quien se pica, ajos come'). My point of 'Some things in this world are black and white, such as the fact that there wasn't conclusive evidence of a try being scored.' was pointing out that certain things are black and white in this instance, but initially you washed over this point.

I have complete respect for other people's views if they present them in a reasoned argument. Unfortunately, and I will go back to cite your initial post, your views were contradictory and therefore not well reasoned on the face of it. This is something that not only I have pointed out. You could have easily avoided this whole 'debate' by being clear in initial assertions. It took me to take you to task on what you were saying to clear up your murky statements.

If you would like to have no further dealings with me then you are quite capable of not responding to my posts seeing as my constant responses tire you. You seemingly enjoy responding though considering how consistently you do so.

3 Years, 1 Day ago