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Amazing kickoff as strong winds blow ball back over the dead ball line

you've really fallen behind rd. seeing all your videos on other sites up a week before you guys have it. i havent seen you be the first to post a video for over a year now and your generally days behind at least. and you have less content now. and no more TSRB and that kind of thing. it's a shame

4 Years, 7 Months ago

Two Argentina players cited after eye-gouge and biting claims in Mendoza

I doubt there was an actual gouge in the first incident, the hand was below the eyes, and you can't see too much for the biting incident. It seems like a strong reaction to be faking it though.

As for Etzebeth being a dirty player, he hasn't done much for the Springboks but at u20 level and for the Stormers he has done a bit more. Anyway, it's part of the game. As long as he stays away from these sort of incidents and hitting players from behind or on the deck, it's fine. It's good to have very physical players, and it's entertaining.

4 Years, 9 Months ago

The Top 5 Individual Tries of all time - Rugby HQ

This has been out for almost a week now. Rugbyonslaught had it up 5 days ago. Thanks for recommending them because they are doing exactly what Rugbydump originally did. They're basically making all your posts way before you do, and more. I was a massive RD fan until they slowed down dramatically and changed their content a bit - not sure recommending the other guys was a great idea.

5 Years, 4 Days ago

Tongan Eddie Aholelei punches Jebb Sinclair after fight with Canada

Tongan no.13 should have received a red as well. Blatantly threw 2 or 3 punches to a prone player and then tried to have a go with another player. If he had been cited, he would've got a worse ban than any of those players because of his clear intent to hurt people.

5 Years, 5 Days ago

The Top Five Best 'Fatman' Tries of all time

I wouldn't be a fan of Jenkins, but his tries the best by a mile. It would be a fantastic try for any back...

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Prop Ben Franks' big hit and unbelievable try-saving tackle on wing Frank Halai

It's a good tackle, but Halai hadn't actually gotten around him. He was outpacing him easily but Franks had the angle and timed his tackle fantastically.

It was a brilliant tackle but I don't think Franks will be keeping up with any wingers in the future.

Absolutely fantastic player though, no doubt about it.

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Ian Madigan chip from behind tryline and winning try vs Glasgow Warriors

The bounce was lucky alright, but he had advantage. And what Madigan did would be the exact opposite of badly executed...

The chip wasn't horrible, it was brilliant but lucky.

Your sense of logic is bizarre.

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Chris Ashton carded for high swinging arm on Maurie Fa'asavalu

He runs up because he likes to make the big hits. People associate that with a good defence but his defence is really an utter joke and he's afraid of getting run over too. He seems to have shrank his ego, but it's still not down to the right size yet.

He has all he needs to become a great player, he just needs to get his head out of his ass.

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Chris Ashton carded for high swinging arm on Maurie Fa'asavalu

There are plenty. I'd personally like to see Biggs there though. I think England would be better with someone unpredictable though, like Wade or Sharples. Matt Jess is a great runner too, and solid in defence. There are still some pretty average wingers in the Premiership who would contribute more to the English team.

Anyway, even if they aren't much better defensively (which I would disagree with), they can score. Ashton's defence is completely non-existant. He has no problem putting in a big hit on an unsuspecting opponent, but he doesn't like getting hit hard. Most players overcome that, Ashton hasn't.

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Chris Ashton carded for high swinging arm on Maurie Fa'asavalu

There are still plenty of better options than Ashton. People generally seem to notice the tries he causes by missing tackles, but he causes so many more by being out of position on the wing. Now, he can't score either. So what's the point on having him? His overall contribution to the team effort is negative. For all the good Stuart Lancaster has done, picking repeatedly Ashton is a bad mistake and it goes against his policy of picking on form. Ashton has been off form for a long time, and even then, he was a massive defensive liability. Lancaster needs to pick someone else for now. Ashton always had the attack (and the potential to improve) but if he can get his defence up to a good standard and get his attack back, he could fit in very well to the current English set up. His tracking, strike bursts through the middle could be exactly what this overcoached, rigid, English team need. For now though, pick another winger.

5 Years, 2 Months ago