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Chris Hala'ufia suspended internally for six weeks after citing for dangerous tackle

Look at it this way. Dan Carter spear tackles someone dangerously into the ground. Rules are rules, that is a red card and a suspension. However due to the fact that Carter is Carter and he has no history of foul play (aside from one accidental high tackle two years ago) they can assume that the dangerous play that just happened is accidental, however still dangerous. Ergo it should be punished, but due to the fact it was almost certainly accidental he shouldn't be punished too much.
On the flip side you have a serial offender like Jamie Cudmore or Hala'ufia. He has made the same dangerous tackle, but the difference is you have seen him make that tackle 10 times before. This leads you to assume he is either a) technically poor and thus shouldn't be playing because he is a danger to his colleagues, or b) he either doesn't care or deliberately go high, and thus should be punished more severely. It would be crazy to treat the two cases the same. It is just like in real life, the more times you break the law the longer your sentences are going to be because the judge will become more and more convinced that you are a menace to society. The same applies to rugby.

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Chris Hala'ufia suspended internally for six weeks after citing for dangerous tackle

Normally I would agree with the above comments, but given this guys track record... He is a thug. He just got off of another ban recently and is now playing recklessly again.

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Morgan Parra vs George Chuter, and Manu Tuilagi simultaneous yellow

Parra. What a class act. Chirps out other teams through the press, bites players arms, dives, milks it, then laughs as people are sent off. Agreed with Russell, I want Parra to become reacquainted with Lawes. Here is one of rugbydumps on videos of that meeting:

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Richie McCaw knee on Morgan Parra, Donald kick, Rougerie eye-gouge, and more

1) Kick was through. Plain and simple.
2) The "knee". I dunno, I do like McCaw, but in terms of a citing it depends what mode of consistency you want to follow. In my mind that was equal to the Courtney Laws knee on Roncero (or Ledesma, I can't distinguish the two sometimes), but not as bad as the Cooper knee on McCaw. Of course, Lawes was banned and Cooper wasn't... so not sure with that one.
3) Rougerie played outstanding in that match so I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but it does look like there was a raking action on McCaw's face which I find quite unfortunate.
4) I was really hoping Joubert would get things right, but you have to look at that video. Clear that there was some poor officiating done unfortunately.
5)As fettsack says, the fine is bloody stupid. I hate all this IRB hate mongering that people use, how much they insult it and claim it is pro NZ, but in this instance I do feel that they are well out of line. That was a brilliant challenge and they were a couple of feet over the line: oh no... not the halfway line. Just bothers me when a classic moment of rugby history is ruined by red tape and technicalities!
6) Rugbydump, Grant Constable and all those who work for the site: you are all legends. This is my favourite rugby site, and even though (as far as I know) you are South African, and you beat my beloved England out of a second world cup in 2007, you give some of the best rugby analysis in the world. It is impartial, intelligent, and often amusing. Ignore the haters, the maturity is awesome. Well done. Solid coverage. Thanks for providing it.

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