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Friday Funnies - Touchdown!

As far as i understand it, the referee asked the assistant what he saw, assistant referee said "there's downward pressure", then the referee asked "so is this a try ?", and the assistant referee said "yes", then the referee blows the whistle.
Both commentators were confused and eventually agreed to say it should be no try.
As said before, that didn't change the result.

2 Years, 4 Weeks ago

Wales win Grand Slam after tense battle with France in Cardiff

Another Frenchie here.
First, congrats to Wales, they deserved to win. France made far too many mistakes.
I do agree with you, i don't understand the choices of the coach. Apart from Rougerie, who i suppose was there to support our new player Fofana, as they're from the same club and used to play together. So there was no place for Mermox. I hope now Rougerie doesns't play for France anymore unless he's able to play as well as before.
I don't mind Parra in 10, that happened in 2010 and at the RWC, and Parra was playing 10 until about 3 years ago when he was switched to 9 because of his frame (and this is why he's a kicker).
The decision for the penalty came form the french captain Thierry Dusautoir. I hav eno explanation for the moment, mayube they were expecting to score a try after that. France usually scores tries from returned kicks (i.e. not from direct attacking play).

2 Years, 1 Month ago

Wales still on course for Grand Slam following victory over Italy

I don't believe Wales would have beaten the All Blacks in the finale. Don't forget the defense thet ABs put on that day for instance. And it was Eden Park, so count the AB crowd as the 16th player.
And in the semi-finale, the red card didn't give any help to the French. The players said it aftwerwards, the red card made them freeze to death because they were scared to loose the match against 14 men and feel humiliated.
Anyway, we will never know as we cannot redo the past.
And about this 6 Nations, the French have both a mental problem, and a physical problem. It takes them a good 20 min to get into each match, we don't know why, and they're not getting on well with the new game plans yet.
And they're out of the form needed for international matches, because they're prepared by the clubs who need them to be at their peak in april-may for the finales phases of the Top 14 and H cup. For instance, players had cramps at the end of their frist match (agaisnt Italy). Add to that all the teams are faster thanks to the RWC and its preparation.

2 Years, 1 Month ago

England defeat France in Paris in Six Nations classic

A question now: who said about Morgan Parra after he kicked the conversion for Wesley Fofana try "This is the most elegant left foot" ?

2 Years, 1 Month ago

Toulouse come from behind twice to snatch win over Castres

French referees let more to happen in the rucks than international referees. French international players like Maxime Medard said it. This is why you see this unpunished in Top 14 matches.

2 Years, 1 Month ago

France leave Murrayfield victorious after Scotland scare

French fan here having watched the match on the BBC.
@Stoojay: happy you liked the French fans in Murrayfield :) The Flowers of Scotland a capella was magnificent, even when heard on TV. In the stadium, should be unforgettable !
There was no ruck for the second Scottish try, even the french TV said it, Parra was stunned, but after watching it again, i think the try is ok.
Some mistakes made by referee Warnes, nobody is perfect.
I didn't like Robinson complaining, French national coaches don't complain about referees (at least the last ones).
Francois Trinh Duc lacks some maturity, he will stop complaining like that when he grows up a little more. Give him time...
France captain Dussautoir is a model, always there in engagement, prolific tackler...
French need to get into the match before the first 20 min, or we'll have problems against Ireland/England/Wales. But the coach is aware of that. I'm still confident we can go to Cardiff unbeaten.
Very sad for Medard, but at least it's less serious than first thought, no tear of the ligaments. Should be 2 months off instead of 6 months.

2 Years, 1 Month ago

No date confirmed yet for postponed Six Nations game

I'm a French living in Dublin. I was at the stadium on saturday night with my friends from Paris. We're still completely disgusted. I have "only" lost €300 for flight and a hotel night, some Irish fans lost €1000.
We were told the match was postponed a good 15 min after it was told on TV, because they needed 15 min for the security to be set up to let people leave the stadium. We then got free public transport to go home/to the hotel.
Also, we learnt there's no under soil-heating because of pockets of methane gas underground due to the industrial past of the area.
What made us furious was that the french TV requested a few days earlier to start the match a 3pm CET but the 6 Nations committee refused.
At leats, we have a new date now, although it would have been better for Irish fans for it to be sat 3rd.
I'm myself lucky as i was due to be in Paris from wednesday 7th (non rugby-related issue) so i just have to change the date of my flight.... and pay 3 more nights in a hotel.
Still furious....

2 Years, 2 Months ago

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