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The day Jerry Collins played for Barnstaple Rugby Football Club's 2nd XV

Wonderful story. Proved if needed how a great man he was.

RIP Jerry Collins.

1 Year, 10 Months ago

Former All Black Jerry Collins tragically killed in car crash

Learnt on Friday morning from a colleague the passing of Jerry Collins and his wife. Could not believe it.
Their baby Ayla was in desperate state at first, and she's now in critical state, which is a little better (or less worse).
What happened is their car stopped on the motorway for an unknown reason, and a big bus rammed the car from behind. Don't even know how the baby could manage to survive this.
Photo of the car here if you're strong-hearted:

Also fundraising in New Zealand and a Henri Tuilagi jubilee event on sat 6th in Perpignan (South of France) with benefits sent to the family.
The Toulon club where JC played one year had all its players with black armbands on sat 6th. And the Baby Blacks at the U20 RWC dedicated their Haka to Jerry.

RIP Jerry Collins

1 Year, 10 Months ago

England run riot to rack up their highest ever score against the Barbarians

LOL, i love that !
And the bookmakers now "support" Danny Care or Owen Farrell to be the next ones....

I usually dislike English rugby players, but i dislike stupidity even more.

1 Year, 10 Months ago

England run riot to rack up their highest ever score against the Barbarians

I support that. If les Bleus could think less and run more, that would be easier to win games :)

1 Year, 10 Months ago

Schalk Burger awarded Comeback of the Year at the 2015 Laureus Awards

I suppose you're talking about this ?

2 Years, 2 Hours ago

Priceless reaction from referee after ball hits him straight in the nose

Wow ! Don't think i would be that nice if that happened to me :)

2 Years, 5 Days ago

Huge Hit From Peter Kimlin Leaves Leigh Halfpenny with more injury woe

Thanks, Stroudos. This reminds me of an interview with French winger Vincent Clerc, where he explained that when he was wearing his headgear at the beginning of his career, he was running at every player with no regard to size or weigh because he was over-confident that the head guard would protect him. He got head gear at his beginnings in Toulouse because the year before he got an head injury needing some 10 stitches.
So i'm also afraid that players with head guards might be over-confident about escaping concussions today.

2 Years, 1 Week ago

How will the Six Nations stars fare at RWC 2015? Conor O'Shea goes through them

Morgan Parra (in February) and Francois Trinh-Duc (from October to March) were injured so they could not play in the 6 Nations. Conor O'Shea might not know that :o)

I believe that Ireland can finally reach the semi-finals, whatever team they play. They were very closed to beat the All Blacks twice (2 points difference) the last times, once in Ireland and once in New Zealand, and they should win against Argentina.

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Marcelo Bosch last gasp Quarter Final penalty sinks Racing Metro

In several stadium in France, the crowd consider themselves as the 16th player. So they think booing the opponent is their duty and it is in no way disrespectful. Although i tend to disagree, i can accept that.

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Wales dash Ireland's Grand Slams hopes in epic Cardiff battle

Oliver, another French fan here. You should stop reading French newspapers. The Irish never claimed Heaslip had broken vertebrae, only French papers did. The 4 weeks were a usual time for what Heaslip had. Irish had not lied.
Do like me and read newspapers from the relevant country :)

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago