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Rory Kockott misses long range penalty but tries again with dropgoal

@Facepalm: You can forget our 6 Nations. Machenaud was better in 2012. He could improve again between now and the next WC. We'll see...

@DrG: the head coach does not always say the truth....

1 Year, 9 Months ago

Dimitri Yachvili carded for swinging arm on Delon Armitage

What Yachvili said to the refere was "i don't understand".
And the French commentators were scratching their heads, wondering if what happened actually happened.
One even suggested that Yachvili wanted to make an usual tackle but Delon Armitage went down at the same moment so the tackle went higher than planned.
I don't think so. I just say this to show how unexpected it looked from such a player.

Yachvili is a pure annoying scrumhalf, but he's never nasty.

1 Year, 9 Months ago

Rory Kockott misses long range penalty but tries again with dropgoal

Another Frenchie here :)
The national coaches also said Parra needed to rest because he has spent the last 5 years with not much time off.
The domestic season in France is 11 months long if you reach the finale of the championship. And you have to add to this the international matches (6 Nations, June tests, Nov tests,... and the last RWC).
He was injured at the end of last season so he did not play the june tests this year, and he's only coming back now for the new season. And he's not back at his best level yet, obviously.
And we will need 2 no9 for 2015 so Machenaud needs to get playing at international level.

So that makes Kockott even more tempting. But Kockott cannot play for France until july 2014, so he cannot be taken for the next tests nor for the next 6 Nations.

Parra is a natural competitor, and you can bet the competition for the national jersey will make him better than ever.

@Oliver: stage = training camp in this situation :)

1 Year, 9 Months ago

Rugby HQ's Top 5 Ridiculous Passes of All Time

It's on youtube, Spencer-like pass

View Video

1 Year, 11 Months ago

The British and Irish Lions win the series 2-1 after third Test rout

IMHO, this is the best comment that i have read so far.
Gatland wanted the biggest players on the pitch to win the game up front, and it worked greatly.
When was the last time a Lions team scored 40+ points against their opponents?

Great words by BOD too, especially "I will always have it on my CV ";)

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Wallaby skipper James Horwill cleared and free to play in deciding Lions Test

What happened with that french player is this happened straight after the only-6-weeks ban for the same ofence by a foreign player (South Africa?) so they decided to "make an example". If you see what i mean.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

I have not watched the match yet, but the Lions won, and won well. Will have to check the role of the Lions centres in this win.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

All Blacks seal series clean sweep with third Test victory over France

I didn't know Chris Ashton was french...

2 Years, 1 Week ago

Schalk Brits suspended for three weeks for striking Owen Farrell

The french referee was wrong, at least because he accused Parisse of saying f*** to him while Parisse was clearly speaking italian, although it was not understandable.
Parisse didn't say a single word in english. He spoke italian to him spontaneously and then he spoke in french while walking away.
I watched the video, which should be on youtube.
It's why Parisse was confident he would be cleared.

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Castres upset Toulon with first French Top 14 title victory in 20 years

No, they're fully alive in Ireland. And they show some of the Top14 matches. They also aired the RWC 2011 matches (not all of them).

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago