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5 of the best tries from week 3 of RWC 2015

The deranged screaming towards the end of the Scotland try deserves a special mention.

11 Hours, 18 Minutes ago

South Africa crush USA as Habana equals Lomu's RWC tries record

Yes, that was more than a little confusing. Even my wife, who knows little about the rules, asked me why play went on with an advantage if a penalty try was coming.

Almost as confusing as the next game - Namibia vs Georgia - where the Georgians were totally dominant in the scrum, only two have two Namibian props carded right on their own line leading to uncontested scrums.

13 Hours, 3 Minutes ago

Georgia edge Namibia to go third in pool and all but qualify for 2019 RWC

Strangest game of rugby. Georgia were totally dominant in the scrums, the tackles, the backline play... basically everywhere but the scoreboard. Credit to Namibia for hanging in there, but if it weren't for some real clangers by the Georgians with the tryline begging (and a few fortuitous calls by the ref), the score could have been much bigger.

13 Hours, 29 Minutes ago

South Africa crush USA as Habana equals Lomu's RWC tries record

That's better. I bit of everything in this win - slick backline play, mauls, strong scrumming, opportunism. Not always pretty, but very effective. I reckon it will be SA vs Wales in the QF. That should be a cracker of a game.

13 Hours, 33 Minutes ago

Alesana Tuilagi banned for 5 weeks for 'kneeing' Japanese tackler

Pretty soon running will be outlawed. Players will be required to walk briskly, like that idiotic athletics sport of racewalking. In fact, I’m going to suggest that someone do a send-up of this and film a rugby game where players racewalk and tackle politely.

1 Day, 5 Hours ago

One week ban for Michael Hooper as he pleads guilty to Foul Play charge

So "entry point of two weeks" means nothing if you can cite a bunch of reasons to make it one week only?

Surely "entry point of two weeks" means, if he's been an angel in all other respects, then he gets the minimum of TWO WEEKS. If not, it slides up the scale.

2 Days, 9 Hours ago

Michael Hooper cited for this dangerous cleanout on Mike Brown

If Hooper gets banned, who will replace him? Do they bring Ben McCalman on at 8 and move Pocock to 7? Or Palu perhaps? Either way, they don't lose an awful lot. What they sacrifice in Hooper's ball poaching they make up in a big, hefty ball carrier.

2 Days, 17 Hours ago

Michael Hooper cited for this dangerous cleanout on Mike Brown

To be honest, Robshaw's complaining to the referee is just plain ineffectual. Whenever you see him, he's having some gesticulating moan at the ref, and then he always walks away sulking. If he did that less often and saved it for the incidents when he really has a leg to stand on, he would have a far better success rate.

I was watching Sergio Parisse in the Ireland game and the way he deals with the ref, and it's chalk and cheese. He never loses it or sulks. He immediately accepts when a situation is unsalvageable, and then he drags his insolent team mates away from the ref before they make him angry. I think a lot of captains can learn from his example.

On this clean-out - I think it's a clear case of dangerous play and Hooper will likely get a couple of games off. Harsh, perhaps. But fair.

3 Days, 6 Hours ago

England knocked out of home World Cup by outstanding Wallabies

Which is clearly not a very good way to do it. Ask twitter to choose between Foley, Pocock and Launcbury while the whole of Australia is asleep. Okey dokey then.

3 Days, 14 Hours ago

New Japanese Super Rugby team confirmed as being called The Sunwolves

Welcome Sunwolves. Pity you're going to lose your first game. But don't lose heart.

3 Days, 14 Hours ago