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Ireland and Wales open Six Nations campaigns with a frustrating draw

What a performance by CJ Stander. And to think he was considered surplus to requirements here in SA. I bet Heyneke Meyer is sorry now.

12 Hours, 2 Minutes ago

New Zealand snatch 7s victory with 8 men on the field

They had 8 guys on the field last week in Wellington too. One of them even had a whistle.

12 Hours, 8 Minutes ago

Regan Ware's huge hit on Seabelo Senatla stops South Africa dead in their tracks

Refereeing in this game was atrocious. Also in the pool game between SA and NZ. Paddy O'Brein's son did himself no favours here with a "home side" second half straight out of the bookies' manual. Unless I just don't know the Sevens rules, particularly the one that says if NZ are playing at home and need one score and time is running out, then every possible ruck must be blown up and awarded to them.

I see O'Brein got himself dropped from the Super Rugby roster for his efforts, although they'll never admit that it was for this blatant stuff up. Apparently it was for various earlier sub-par performances. Yeah right.

3 Days, 10 Hours ago

Sonny Bill Williams begins 7s career with brilliant offload to beat South Africa in pool stages

And now I see Matt O' Brien has been dropped from the Super Rugby panel of refs.

Cause meet effect.

5 Days, 18 Hours ago

Sonny Bill Williams begins 7s career with brilliant offload to beat South Africa in pool stages

SBW's offloads are great in 15-a-side where there are support players to help secure any loose balls. But there really is nowhere to hide for an offload gone wrong in Sevens. A 50/50 pass is seldom that - more like 70/30 for the defending team.

6 Days, 15 Hours ago

Sonny Bill Williams begins 7s career with brilliant offload to beat South Africa in pool stages

This offload and try was great, but the officiating towards the end of this game not so much. Ditto for the closing minutes of the pool stage game between the same two teams - both of which games NZ won with a score well after the hooter. The effort to hand NZ possession and then keep it going until the score was not very well disguised by Paddy O'Brian's barely Australian son.

Call me a Saffa ref whinger of you like, but I'm not alone in calling this out. Terrible piece of home side refereeing.

6 Days, 18 Hours ago

Drew Mitchell scores dramatic try at the death as Toulon snatch victory from Wasps

Yep, clear knock at exactly 1 minute. Still great try.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Awesome compilation of some of the greatest skills ever seen in rugby

Leave out SBW and Quade and this video will be about 30 seconds long.

3 Weeks, 22 Hours ago

Clermont flanker Viktor Kolelishvili shoves referee Wayne Barnes

At least he used his arms.

3 Weeks, 22 Hours ago

Highlights and celebrations as All Blacks win successive Rugby World Cup titles

Well done, Kiwis. Not just good rugby players, but they also play the game in a very good spirit. It's hard to dislike any of the current crop of All Blacks even if they won''t stop bloody winning - and I guess that's part of what makes them special. A much deserved win, but next time the Boks will be kicking some Kiwi butt, if the Japanese don't beat us to it.

3 Months, 1 Week ago