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All Blacks snatch victory at the death in thrilling Brisbane Test

I don't think any of those are grounds to chase a head coach out of office.

Link won 11 from 22, and drew at least one. So that isn't a losing record. And is better than most in the last decade, you know, kind of exactly like I said.

He can criticise whoever he wants. He wasn't part of the national set up at the time.

Who gives a shit where he sits during half time? You don't have to like it.

He has to ignore some combos or the starting team would be made up of 60 odd players. Just because they aren't the ones you liked doesn't mean he should go.

Beale has played plenty at 10, this isn't like he brought back Matt Dunning to do it.

The Higginbottom and Cooper things are weird, granted.

He probably knew a shitload of stuff that we were all missing. Things didn't get rough, they got untenable for a person to continue with.

5 Months, 3 Weeks ago

All Blacks snatch victory at the death in thrilling Brisbane Test

I don't think Mackenzie or Deans had to go. They've been your two most successful coaches in almost 15 years. Why are you so keen to bin them?
A little bit of patience, and a greater willingness to get rid of trouble makers should be enough to allow either of them to put together a winning squad.

5 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Naked streaker starts mass brawl after tackling Varsity match winger

This is an interesting and funny business model (although really worrying if it gets out of hand);

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6 Months, 1 Week ago

Southland score sensational try after big Willis Halaholo bump off

If I was Jebb Sinclaire I'd be pretty annoyed right now...

7 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Jonah Lomu wreaking havoc against Australia in 1995

I don't think it has too much to do with defense tactics or technique, but nowadays when these big carriers knock down a little back they are 5 stone heavier than they used to be and that saps momentum

9 Months, 1 Day ago

Jonah Lomu wreaking havoc against Australia in 1995

Even in the modern game players tend to crumble and forget their defensive technique when faced with something as formidable as him. You see it all the time, big guy carries straight, little guy goes hi and gets boshed.

I think it's a case of their reputation breaking concentration. And in an era where the size difference between an athlete like Lomu's and the average was so big it made a big difference.

9 Months, 1 Day ago

Dunedin Streaker gets Smashed by Security Guard Number Eight

I agree they probably aren't going to be the macho knobends that are dangerous, but they might be, and when you're dealing with someone without knowing you have to expect the worst.

As for the choking thing, I hope, and suspect, that it was accidental and purely a result of trying to drag a body off the pitch as quickly as possible.

I watched the Twickenham streaker video that's linked about, and he gets an equally uncomfortable looking handling in that. It's just the price you pay for being out there, and everyone in each situation has no complaints at the end of it.

9 Months, 4 Days ago

Dunedin Streaker gets Smashed by Security Guard Number Eight

I like streakers too. But I think it's things like this that keep the numbers of people doing it down at a level that is funny but not really an inconvenience

9 Months, 1 Week ago

Dunedin Streaker gets Smashed by Security Guard Number Eight

I think that there's a couple of very good reasons for the afters. Firstly, the guard has absolutely no idea how the streaker is going to react to having been tackled, and so whilst it's not friendly or pretty, it has to be safety first. He needs to establish absolute control on the situation, and that means being uncompromising, he didn't start throwing punches or knees or twisting limbs off, he just outmuscled the bloke.
Secondly, the game was still going at this stage, and he probably wanted to get the bloke up, under control and moving as soon as possible. Which he did.
I don't really like seeing it either, but there are very good reasons for it happening.

9 Months, 1 Week ago

Flyhalf killer Courtney Lawes adds Charlie Hodgson to his list in Premiership final

I think the main reason for this is that Lawes is basically a collision specialist, not so much a tackler. The timing is incredibly impressive, but there is very little technique in how Lawes tackles, and unfortunately that doesn't work so well then the ball carrier is as big as you, or moving in the right direction.

10 Months, 1 Week ago