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The Wrapround from Rugby HQ - Week 1

he needs to be standing up - makes a big difference (eg many of the US shock jock radio presenters stand in the studio, they don't sit!)

1 Week, 6 Days ago

Sean O'Brien's monster ruck cleanout against France

thou on (yet another) look SOB is certainly resting there at the end for a while...

2 Weeks, 7 Hours ago

Sean O'Brien's monster ruck cleanout against France

Desperate Dan stuff, that!

Sneeky headlock at the end, but great to see that SOB back.... :-)

I've heard the same sort of farmer strength talked about re the Welsh and coalminers

....its tuff down pit an all...

(I'm in Ireland)

2 Weeks, 7 Hours ago

Try Savers and Rib Breakers 13

ahh yes. Kept wantin got pause and rewind but resisted and went all the way through. Great stuff. One to watch again and again .Really enjoyed the try savers this time actually - so many so unexpected. That 2 tackles in

Now, to watch once more....

4 Weeks, 2 Hours ago

Slade and Wade score as England Saxons defeat Irish Wolfhounds in Cork

basically, Rugbydump, most people want to see Sean O Brien tearing into Chris Ashton if you could oblige, that would be 100% fantastic!

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

some pair...

3 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

bokshark I'm making my suggestion based on actual results of actual matches. Them be different to the last time or the time before for de Autumn internationals, from memory, when it seemed like all the top 3 SH teams won everything...and in gen, this time so far, many of the matches were closer than expected (eg Scotland and NZ) and an interesting number were close in general (eg Italy, Wales Romania) maybe things are, broadly speaking, leveling out a bit.

SH are still to the fore thou I would say.

The mull cover the other fairly obvious point is a game played in all conditions, and it may be v wet next October in eh Wales and England!

3 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

Interesting how tight a lot of these matches are eh? Only the Tonga and to an extent Canada matches weren't...

also with Irl (last week) and Fra a little more balance between NH and SH...

all augers well for the world cup I reckon....

3 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Ireland upset South Africa with impressive physicality in Dublin

Hi Bey: eh yes I have - I live in Ireland.

I'm basing what I said on listening to experts on radio, in print and TV - former players and professional rugby journalists - all of whom said Ireland didn't have a hope. Former International (and now pundit) Trevor Hogan went for Ireland, but I didn't hear any others. They may have been out there, surely someone else along with Hogan gave Ireland a sniff- but they were very much in the minority.

General fans felt likewise, in as much as I can call my own personal encounters representative. (they aren't but they are as representative as any others)

3 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Ireland upset South Africa with impressive physicality in Dublin

Very unexpected result - no one gave Ireland a sniff really, especially without Cian Healy and Sean O Brian (there were a lot of other injuries too, but those two are world class and the right kind of player to face South Africa).

Schmidt really out-thought Meyer this time. Not using anyone to contest lineouts (even with a tempting 6 ft 11 option in Devin Toner!) really worked for on the ground defense. Bizarre that Ireland were 29-10 up with half a minute to go.

Yellow card did have a bearing and was tight but I can see how and why he gave it: usually those thing are a lot more spectacular looking, and thus easier to give, but technically he did take the player out in the air, albeit just about in the air and not very viciously - more a professional foul.

However I can also see how and why he didn't give the first half one when he asked to go to the TMO for the forearm to the neck tackle on Healip (a bit like Du Plessis against the Kiwis that time in Eden Park - doesn't look too bad but there' a technical logic to the query).

Not sure if the yellow as the different thou, Ireland were savvy this time.

Interesting to see how they didn't celebrate like lunatics either...

Aussie match will be very interesting now....

3 Months, 3 Weeks ago