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England upset the All Blacks with famous win at Twickenham

true Pretzel, I'm prejudging and preempting...

courting eh? haven't heard that word in a while. A bit like wooing (is that even how you spell wooing?!?) ...who's wooing who(m) in this clip? Not sure....

And hey, didn't Michael Jackson say (something like) love isn't black and white he wasn't all 'Bad' was he.....there's ...shades...of... grey.... *gets coat, leaves promptly*

5 Years, 1 Month ago

England upset the All Blacks with famous win at Twickenham

@bumptruck (and in general)

check out the perfect, subtle cheating at 1.02: NZ #13 ENG #10 strolling along, hand in hand, but only one player is benefiting....

Well done to England, they dominated and really had NZ rattled by the middle of the second half - no mean feat. Somehow, I think that if there was a series of NZ ENG games, the next one might result in a slaughtering of ENG, but we'll never know. Good for rugby thou, this result. Shakes things up a bit.

Some lot of talk of SBW in NZ press, and what he might have done, but I'm not sure if anything would have helped this weekend.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Brian O'Driscoll try in the corner sets up Leinster win over Munster

Re Down South: Would be nice to see in some ways (in fact, it would be great to see more players going down south for a while to sharpen up), and while it might have made sense in the past, the tax situation in Ireland might really mitigate against it. BOD would loose an awful lot of money if he didn't finish his playing career in Ireland (and Rugby players don't get soccer players wages)

I hate talking about the Lions so far out (it feels a bit teenagery) but I can see him travelling, and possibly being called up from reserve to full team if needed)

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Classic tries scored as Toulon go five-from-five with win over Montpellier

back to rugbydump after a summer break and this is the first clip i see. Wow. Can only imagine how the players lungs were burning after that first try!

*sits back and catches up with RD*

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Casey Laulala's big hit on Owen Farrell - Barbarians vs England

he'll appreciate that? Yea,I'm sure that's the first thing Farrell was thinking: "Good hit! Cheers man!"

5 Years, 7 Months ago

The Beast's power saves Anton Bresler from disaster, twice

sounds like a plan stroudos.......

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Shane Williams bows out on a high with decisive tries in PRO12 final

agree on the ref @welsh osprey. Esp just before half time: main cause of the handbags in the tunnel I'd say. However, scrum seems to be an area that is becoming more and more difficult to ref: the whole game was half destroyed by the crap scrums.
Well impressed with the new Osprey's thou, post-galacticos. More Welsh qualified players than Leinster had Irish qualified (and that's sayin something!). Good balance in the team, great future ahead of them.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Harlequins beat Leicester Tigers to win the 2012 Aviva Premiership title

@guy: fair enough, to a point. But would they have won the premiership had they been more severely punished, eg, punished more as a team rather than as individuals, within 3 years of an appropriate punishment? Not sure. They might well be rebuilding well etc, but winning the premiership? Questionable.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Harlequins beat Leicester Tigers to win the 2012 Aviva Premiership title

Feel a bit conflicted on this. Considering how lightly they were treated over bloodgate, this victory does leave a bit of a taste in the mouth. Their punishment could have been more severe/apt - they only lost that bloodgate match by one point...imagine if they'd won it? How would that have been unraveled?

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Carl Hayman suspended for four weeks for Zee Ngwenya spear tackle

ahh hold on. He didnt succeed in driving the man into the ground head first, but the angle involved was extreme. That's a throw back to why they are sometimes called spear rather than tip tackles.
Hayman brought his legs up to an insanely high angle, we're talkin 150 degrees from the ground (hip height being 90). That could easily be a red.

Often a player gets sent off or a yellow for 90 degree tip and a reasonably safe put down, which is wrong (eg Ferris for irl vs Wales, when the player actually had a leg still on the floor). In this case, once the angle goes that high, at that speed, u have generate an out-of-control moment.

5 Years, 8 Months ago