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Manu Tuilagi's huge hit on quick hands Dan Bowden

i second that on the interview - insightful - and yes, perfect rugby moment - the tackle and the pass.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Best Tries of the Top 14 - Round 21

Stade looking good alright - great hands. Baldy contemponi also did v well (superb hands for the last try, #1 there)

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Andy Goode red carded for high hit against former team Leicester Tigers

Pretzel - how blatant do u want a charge to be for a straight red? His complete inaccuracy and bad timing is his own business/inability.

Outside of his gushing sentimental fan base, he's always been viewed as something of a loose cannon, to be fair and polite.

I remember so many straight arms, mis-timed tackles, and bizarre decisions by him....he's like a throwback to characters doing stuff off the cuff. Which, in some ways, is fine. Rugby needs personality.

but this tackle? I laughed and grimmiced in equal measure. Esp when it came from Goode.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Calum Clark cited for bending Rob Hawkins' arm backwards

32 weeks so, is it?

Me, I blame Stephen Ferris. He's the girl in the short skirt in this situation...

come on folks - Ferris to blame for begin gouged and bitten? Nothing wrong with his eye?!? FFS!

Maybe, just maybe, he's been playing like a complete animal (in a good way) when he's been fit and players are trying to take him out?

32 weeks for Clark does seem v weak. I'd also be interested in hearing a follow up on the N'thhampton query.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Danny Cipriani's great try and celebration against the Western Force

i'm not normally on prozac -and I'm not now, I'm speaking/typing metaphorically - but I love this. All of it. the video and the comments. They all seem to make sense.

The try - great team play. I mean, really good hands and dummy/steps etc. That gerrard guy, and the hot potato move - top quality.

I was expecting the dance to be a little more elaborate? Considering the comment(s)? (i _have_those fuckers *ahem* who ask questions while they supposedly just speak sentences, don't you?)

But yea, enjoyed reading the comments thus far - that was not a conversation closer -

but on them, while I'm here.

i think that's ok now in rugby @pretzel
good points on the move in general, on moves (yes, that's stylised dancing grandpa) and as usual all a bit OTT on the rugby-has-gone-soft-and-been-destroyed-by-not-being-the-sport-it-was-when-hardly-anyone-watched-it-and-they-were-all-5ft7....

I'll stop now.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Wales win Grand Slam after tense battle with France in Cardiff

Well done Wales - deserved the championship.

Not sure a Grand Slam was deserved: France weren't bothered after the draw and loss so it was a damp squib at the end.

Ireland are a bit of a conundrum at the mo. Missing two captains and a scrum half is never easy, but Kidney's had to absolutely have his arm twisted to bring new ppl in.

Specifically on the scrum: Ross seems to have been injured from earlier in the match so was struggling for a while anyway. But he has shown that he can lock down a scrum for Irl and Leinster, so once he was injured and then off Irl was screwed. Don't think O Connell makes much of a difference in the scrum (in fact I've seen him yellow carded, and Dougie feckin howlet brought into the scrum, against Northampton (!), on the five mt line, against the head...and Munster won that scrum!).

The issue is tighthead plain and simple. Ireland have no plan B for tighthead. And our Schools game is not producing them , because they don't allow youths to push back more than 1 mt in a scrum. That's the core problem - right there. The second core problem is the (understandable) policy of prioritizing Irish team players over players playing abroad. (A bit like NZ not even considering players who play in Europe. even if they are stuck). Mike Ross himself could not get a game for Ireland when he played for Quins in the Eng Prem. While I'm more or less in favour of prioritizing Irish team players, in that situation, we needed to draft him in (about 2) years earlier. (when majority of Irish players played in Eng Prem, years ago, we were AWFUL, so it makes sense, most of the time, to focus on making Irish club teams strong. But on occasion, it is a rule that needs to be broken.)

Good news of Strauss - didn't know that. English team was well pepperred with the colours of the globe eh? Italian, South African, German, south sea islands....and the biggest player base in the world?

Eng will always be there or there abouts with that range.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Keven Mealamu struck with bottle after Bulls vs Blues game

Regarding the tackle: it is obviously such a contentious and contested area. Buzz's analogy with decoy running is apt, same goes for intercepts. We saw Tommy Bowe (IRL vs SCOT) go for 4 last weekend, with some but not total success. He could have been carded for deliberate knock ons for the one's he didn't catch. So if he slightly fumbled what may actually have been a genuine attempt at a catch he could have been carded.

The spirit of the law seems to be, rightly or wrongly, if you go for a high risk move that is borderline illegal, and it doens't work, u may be carded.

Otherwise ppl go for very borderline moves under the guise of 'trying hard', when they are just trying to, as examples:

Fuck someone up (this tackle? or to be clearer, similar try saving tackles involving knees in the kidneys etc after the ball is already down. A while!)

Disrupt an attack (intercept)

Player decision-making in these situs is of course key, but it seems to come down to a cliche; live by the sword, die by the sword.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Keven Mealamu struck with bottle after Bulls vs Blues game

@phil White is for citation.

@buzz @phil Interesting take on the tackle. I get your point, but he wasn't v likely to succeed from where he came from, thus the yellow and citation (but not red - citation poss harsh, but its only a second look, sometimes nothing comes of it. And in this case, not much can).
Loved the line:
"Are the commentators and everyone but me thick?"....have u muttered this more than once by any chance...?

The two players involved in the whole thing deserve a lot of kudos - there were aptly gentlemanly at the end, and, even after the incident, were fine. Respect. (likewise the Grant RD for calling the disgraceful 'fans' as they were - means sth coming from someone who also happens to be a south african)

4 Years, 8 Months ago

France vs Ireland ends in disappointing stalemate in Paris

that's a great pic alright: i remember that headlock o connell was in - it went on for ages

4 Years, 9 Months ago

France vs Ireland ends in disappointing stalemate in Paris

@huh yep he's out for the rest of the tournament alright. Bit of an iron man, he didn't even notice his injury til after the game...

Its more that the bench is depleted now Pretzel: that, coupled with kidney's conservative nature means we're going to be short come 60 mins.

(conservatism: e.g tom hayes is nowhere near getting a look in - not even for the wolfhounds. Like Mike Ross when he was at quins)

@huh: shaggy wasn't our best back, but he wasn't all bad (!)

4 Years, 9 Months ago