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France vs Ireland ends in disappointing stalemate in Paris

that's a great pic alright: i remember that headlock o connell was in - it went on for ages

3 Years, 11 Months ago

France vs Ireland ends in disappointing stalemate in Paris

@huh yep he's out for the rest of the tournament alright. Bit of an iron man, he didn't even notice his injury til after the game...

Its more that the bench is depleted now Pretzel: that, coupled with kidney's conservative nature means we're going to be short come 60 mins.

(conservatism: e.g tom hayes is nowhere near getting a look in - not even for the wolfhounds. Like Mike Ross when he was at quins)

@huh: shaggy wasn't our best back, but he wasn't all bad (!)

3 Years, 11 Months ago

France vs Ireland ends in disappointing stalemate in Paris

@huh... shane horgan and tomas o leary too for the GAA background (recent irish players, and with the injury to Murray, looks like O leary will be back in the squad)

Not sure i'd say most have a GAA background, though many do and it does help with 'fielding' ie catching high balls, for sure.

But wtf will ireland do without o connell?? he has been back to his best, and they kinda need him against that Scottish 2nd row...

3 Years, 11 Months ago

France vs Ireland ends in disappointing stalemate in Paris

@pretzel: bowe got it, thou I thought Kearney deserved it. Kicking, catching and running all excellent. His catching was his best since Lions 09, (which was one of the best catching displays really!)

The game made a good case for extra time in 6N, as neither wanted a draw, and sometimes, in tournaments, draws are useful. (it could also do with bonus points, the 6N)

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Bradley Davies & Stephen Ferris controversial tackles discussed

Barnes got Ferris decision wrong, says disciplinary panel:

great. Bolted. Horses. Door. etc

4 Years, 2 Days ago

Bradley Davies & Stephen Ferris controversial tackles discussed

Ferris deserves an apology...........does Barnes have a facebook page, like Owens?

4 Years, 3 Days ago

Bradley Davies & Stephen Ferris controversial tackles discussed

Re BD: Touchjudge should be cited for a shit decision. It has to go both ways.

Re Ferris: Decision should be overturned and he should be apologised to. It has to go both ways.

Reason: Players leg was still on the ground, and there are two elements to the tip that are illegal, not one! First- the angle - feet over hips, or essentially, above 45 degrees. Second, and this is crucial, you have to show disregard of safety in placing the player. So, for example, dropping the player form a height, and a 90 degree angle, shoulder/neak/head first - that's disregard (and what BD did, without the ball!)

Ferris on the other hand, did not do anything especially dangerous in the placement, and was about 5 degrees over 45 degrees, but just FOR ONE LEG!

4 Years, 4 Days ago

Wales seal victory with late kick in Six Nations thriller against Ireland

Ireland didn't deserve to either win or loose. Should have been able to close it out. Wales were stronger, dominated first 20 mins especially.

Linesman should be cited for BD tackle.

Ferris left one leg on the ground therefore it wasn't a tip tackle - Wayne Barnes you moron! And isnt the tip tackle also about failing to place the player safely - that was a reasonably safe put down. (But Uldterlads need to learn from Leinster and Munster - never give the ref the opportunity to make a vital mistake that could cost u the game. Paddy Wallace 2009 against Wales anyone?!?!)

Check out the tommy bowe juggle before the ball went out, which led directly to a try for Wales. The ball DOES NOT TOUCH THE GROUND. Seriously. It bounces from Bowe to the, wait for it, cameraman's camera. This leads directly to a Wales' try. Doesn't the ball have to hit the ground to be used again directly?

BOD badly missed by Ireland - small but so powerful in the tackle and at the breakdown.

Downey should be brought in for a trial/go, O Mahony from squad to full team, Ryan instead of O Callaghan - all prob for the match after France (based on Kidney's conservatism)

Those big Welsh lads have a lot of momentum behind them - good luck to them.

4 Years, 5 Days ago

Young hooker Christopher Tolofua demolishes fullback Juan Imoff

Imoff indeed.

4 Years, 1 Week ago

Samu Manoa and Mike Haywood crunching tackles vs Harlequins

does it cut both ways Buzz? Northampton are well into it, but are flattering to deceive atm. CF HC final last yr and against Munster this year.

Ultra hyping after a single tackle, swan dives, loads of tattoos, celeb girlfriends and lifestyles....its all a bit ott. Thou of course the hit bit can be good for adrenalin etc.

There is sth v superior about hammering someone and not even getting animated about it...

4 Years, 4 Weeks ago