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Ireland upset South Africa with impressive physicality in Dublin

Hi Bey: eh yes I have - I live in Ireland.

I'm basing what I said on listening to experts on radio, in print and TV - former players and professional rugby journalists - all of whom said Ireland didn't have a hope. Former International (and now pundit) Trevor Hogan went for Ireland, but I didn't hear any others. They may have been out there, surely someone else along with Hogan gave Ireland a sniff- but they were very much in the minority.

General fans felt likewise, in as much as I can call my own personal encounters representative. (they aren't but they are as representative as any others)

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Ireland upset South Africa with impressive physicality in Dublin

Very unexpected result - no one gave Ireland a sniff really, especially without Cian Healy and Sean O Brian (there were a lot of other injuries too, but those two are world class and the right kind of player to face South Africa).

Schmidt really out-thought Meyer this time. Not using anyone to contest lineouts (even with a tempting 6 ft 11 option in Devin Toner!) really worked for on the ground defense. Bizarre that Ireland were 29-10 up with half a minute to go.

Yellow card did have a bearing and was tight but I can see how and why he gave it: usually those thing are a lot more spectacular looking, and thus easier to give, but technically he did take the player out in the air, albeit just about in the air and not very viciously - more a professional foul.

However I can also see how and why he didn't give the first half one when he asked to go to the TMO for the forearm to the neck tackle on Healip (a bit like Du Plessis against the Kiwis that time in Eden Park - doesn't look too bad but there' a technical logic to the query).

Not sure if the yellow as the different thou, Ireland were savvy this time.

Interesting to see how they didn't celebrate like lunatics either...

Aussie match will be very interesting now....

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Barbarians run riot in entertaining midweek clash against Leicester Tigers

Hi DrG: i'm thinking more of the ideas not the individuals. IE some of the stuff they are trying out may permeate/peculate (choose your osmosis !) into the main a summer school....

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Barbarians run riot in entertaining midweek clash against Leicester Tigers

along with all of the above comments, I'd add that they are actually perhaps introducing some cutting edge ideas which could become innovations in the game .Its like an elite hit squad of the best players in the world playing the best players in the world without - and here's the crucial bit - anything at stake. So they can try things out, test the very limits of the rules and actually help push the game forward in a weird way. (like the peno huddle, the quarterback lineout throw etc etc)

And of course the general joy fun and creativity they are bringing is heart warming.

I was worried for them after the last few years - couldn't see the point or purpose of thebaabaahs in the modern professional game....not now.

More of this!

2 Years, 6 Months ago

The Steven Luatua Quarterback Lineout throw against Australia

best baabahs match in a while....was in danger of dying out as a concept. More of this please!

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Munster come from behind to snatch dramatic win with Ian Keatley drop goal

Epic finish to that match and not a comment ...feckin facebook comments sapping the life out of the real thing....some sites feed facebook directly into the main site these days, so they are indistinguishable from actual, embedded posts. But then, you have all those facebook idiots lowering the tone...what to do?

In the meantime ,Id say watch this and remember even more insane ROG dropgoals for munster.... (just wait for the little green man to start up.... :-)

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2 Years, 7 Months ago

BYU score great try after neat passing and huge charge from Paul Lasike

He does stand up well thou, doesn't he...

3 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Stephen Ferris returns to rugby with trademark powerful tackle

Ah yes, a thing of considerable beauty that tackle.

Such a long layout, he must have thought it was nearly all over at various stages.

Re the timing: player didn't go to ground, but the yards he made kinda made up for it!

(He said on Irish radio that he didn't compete in this tackle as last time he went up for one of those, he did his ankle in. And it took 1.5 years to recover! Not sure how serious he was thou)

Animal backrow Ireland will have. Note sure about who JS will put where thou...

3 Years, 2 Months ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

re non-french coaches coaching France (I'm already confused! Ahem, let's plough on...)

I take the language barrier point, but something has to give. Ronan O Gara is kicking coaching over in France at the mo, and he said recently that he couldn't believe how little video analysis is done over there. I also heard another former Irish player - Bernard Jackman, currently forwards coach with Grenoble, make reference to the number of players who smoke, and how long players have to spend with fans, friends and family after the match chatting. In short, it sounds like the 1990s.

However, perhaps there are people like these two, but with years more experience, already coaching in France - ie they can speak French and know the culture. Obviously Jackman is making progress quickly - from forwards coach to possible head coach in grenoble for 2014/2015 season - but he's years off being ready.

However there could be someone currently coaching in France who could both modernise the approach and not destroy the flair culture (but maybe reduce the number of cigs smoked on matchday... :-) )

French folk? Thoughts?

3 Years, 2 Months ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

Sense of relief here in Ireland with that win: so often Ireland looses to teams like France in the last few mins. While SW didn't have a bad game as ref, he's a risky erratic choice for the top games. Here, he didn't go upstairs for the French try which turned out to be a knock on, and he spent an eon over the so obvious forward pass at the end for the non-try for France. And the Healy thing was obvious too.

Ireland and england best and most consistent in the 6N, French need a SH coach asap.

Ireland have SOB and this guy comin back - check out Ferris' first action after 16 months out a couple of days ago for ulster. What_a_backrow with Ferris and SOB still to join it. Ferris, SOB and O Mahony, but with lad's playin out of position, would be the best 3 to have on the pitch, but the backrow will be insane with these 2 coming back.

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3 Years, 2 Months ago