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Rugby World Cup Daily - Doping prevention

To say the sport is squeaky clean is a tad naive! I know of a certain team local to me who are in a national division who had been snorting a certain substance on a night out before a game!
There are also certain bits that come into games that are not pleasant to watch but maybe that is me being a tad naive. The famous "Bloodgate" also did us no favours either.
However, that said I thing that what is good for the game of rugby is that we clean our own house and make an example of those who try to mess it up.
Maybe the powers that be don't get it right all the time but we do a bloody good job. I was playing in a 2's match last year when someone on the opposition decided to do the fandango down the back of my legs, my Fijian Centre came to my rescue and punched the wannabe Michael Flatterly in the face and knocked him clean out. As a club we banned this player for 8 weeks. I still think this was the correct decision.

6 Years, 7 Months ago