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Alesana Tuilagi and Tom Wood red carded following touchline brawl

there's always been something between A. Tuilagi and Chris-the Prick-Ashton.
such a shame to pull him by the hair... Ashton and Lawes are good, but they should be banned from the England Squad for their bad spirits and temper. England have enough good players to get shot of guys like them, together with Tuilagi.
If England are to remain something of an example on the pitch, it comes with fair play, and they're losing it...both 3 are excellent players and would certainly not be replaced by equal players, but the negative impact they have on the team (such a pathetic WC campaign) proves that being shot of them would certainly be a great asset for the rest of the team. I tend to disagree with the idea that the team should put up with thugs just because they are good. might be okay in other sports, but rugby's way too much of a team-oriented game to let these guys in.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Imanol Harinordoquy's father joins fight against Bayonne

thanks for some intelligent comment at last!
fed up with all those trolling comments always looking for comparisons between football and rugby. Rugby's a fighting sport, there'll always be tensions. Lucien Harinordoquy did something stupid, he'll pay for it, period. Still reckon he should just have some kind of practical work to do, like refereeing a few junior rugby games and, I dunno, like help the stadium gardeners or something.
Now to reply to all those who keep on comparing rugby to football, sorry RD if I am not politically correct but here's what I think: wether you like it or not, the reasons why football is so insane has to do with the fact that it's always played by thugs (to play football you just need a ball. can play in the streets, thus anyone with plenty of time and a round ball can do it. sorry guys but it very often starts with guys skipping class and else...) other reason: much more money. ok, money's coming in the rugby world, but it'll never be as insane. and a good way to prevent it is to forbid clubs to put the player's name on the jersey: apart from the whole "anti-team, individual glory" spirit it provides, it also allows clubs to sell tons of jerseys, which is one of the best ways to make money in sport.
could talk for hours about how rugby is different and will never be as insane as football, but I'll leave it to that.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Ronan O'Gara does it again with late winner against Castres

I think his name is Pierre Bernard, he's 22 and found amazing touchlines, good kicking and good ball-carrying, good decisions as well...
On the other hand, we're France, well known for the girls, food, Notre Dame de Paris AND spoiling promising young fly-halves...

6 Years, 4 Months ago

2003 RWC winner Martin Johnson resigns as England rugby coach

SHAME on the RFU. Jonno was excellent, tuilagi deserved WAy more than he got and Tindall WAY less. but then again, perfect victim, old and stuff so they can afford to lose him and pretend to have authority, blame him while they're the real culprits...
why is it the same in any federation? the French federation makes soooo bad choices, the italians fired Mallet who was getting results for what? Brunel won't last: he'll get bored and go back to Top 14 before u can spell his name right. especially when u see what's going on with Perpignan this year...

6 Years, 5 Months ago