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Jerome Fillol banned for fourteen weeks for spitting at Peter Stringer

"Top end entry"then 26 from 52 weeks is it? So getting gobbed on, in the face from a foot, or two away constitutes half the maximum ban does it? "Exemplary character and genuine remorse."Really....I've got some questions maybe the readers can answer!
Q1So just what have you got to do to get the other 26 weeks to get to 52(remember, spiiting only)
Q2."Exemplary character" and "no agrivating factors." Guess what Fillol did to Peter Stringer in a FrancevIreland u21 game in 1999?
Q3 "Genuine remorse"..When,where and to whom?
Q4 Where is Anthony Davis going on holiday to this year?
Q5 What would you like to do to Fillol.... and what song would you sing whilst your doing it?
Answers on a postcard, winner recieves a £5 book token

5 Years, 1 Month ago