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The Springboks end satisfying year with victory over France in Paris

I see what your saying, but I can't judge on this clip alone (it does seem unnatural but if you look at it in real time he goes down so fast that it seems unlikely that he did it on purpouse). That said, apart from this incident I've had a feeling for some time now that a lot of people try to milk these sort of penalties when they get the chance (for instance I remeber a cheetas game from a year or two back) but I think the only way to try to contrast this is just one, when you lift in the tackle you have to power through with your legs pumping, or tackle really low or on the chest. That's the only way to avoid this from happening, 'cause refs will always give the tackled player the penalty.

8 Months, 53 Minutes ago

The Springboks end satisfying year with victory over France in Paris

they bring him tis instance it's fine because he's getting up and the ball is already out of the ruck and it all happens basically together, obviously you can't get up offside and just wait till play comes to you (it's also counterproductive as you'd basically be leaving your team one man short)

8 Months, 1 Hour ago

Irish hearts broken by All Blacks' last gasp converted try

that's true, they could study them. That said I think it's very unfair that he get's to do that shuffle and it doesn't count as starting your movement, why shouldn't it? and the fact that he got 2 attempts at the end made all the difference.

8 Months, 1 Day ago

Two Argentina players cited after eye-gouge and biting claims in Mendoza

I should say the approipriate call is penalty for argentina but also referral to the citing commisioner.

11 Months, 18 Minutes ago

Two Argentina players cited after eye-gouge and biting claims in Mendoza

The way I see it is that the refereeing was poor. I was always tought that if you react you get penalized, so in my opinion the ref should have looked at the footage on the pitch, if he can't see anything clearly he refers it to the citing commisioner and if he can, in this case the SA reaction was clear, he should sanction it (appropriate call: penalty for ARG). The stupidest comment is the refs when Contpomi says "What about the reaction?" or something similar, and the ref says "Oh I wasn't looking at that" WTF?! you should watch the whole footage they show you!

11 Months, 19 Minutes ago

Gavin Henson knocked out by punch from new Bath team-mate


1 Year, 2 Weeks ago

Tongan Eddie Aholelei punches Jebb Sinclair after fight with Canada

i bet a lot of canadians read the name of the tongan 1 as Eddie

1 Year, 1 Month ago

USA Eagle Samu Manoa's huge hit on Peter O'Mahony

i love how the first commentators' tongue slips and calls him Manu Samoa, it's like that's the international word for hard hitters!!

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Midweek Madness - Twickenham Streaker dots down beneath the posts

oh lighten up will you! first of all streaking is a part of rugby, a really old tradition. second bringing children into the argument makes you sound like Helen Lovejoy, and makes no sense since children are not at all put off by seeing a naked human body, his dangly bits are barley visible from the stands (as anybodys would be) and it's not sexual at all. really man get over yourself! IMHO a fine should probably be ok (just to stop ppl doing it all the time), but really arrests and bans from stadiums are ridiculus in these cases.

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1 Year, 1 Month ago

Jonny Wilkinson absolutely smashed by huge Opeti Fonua

this reminds me of the video on the importance of tackling low!!

1 Year, 2 Months ago

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