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John Afoa suspended for four weeks for dangerous tackle

So, so, so tired of the spear/tip tackle debacle. The current laws are ruining the game and the reputations of some very honest players. The truth of the matter is that the simple physics involved in any tackle situation mean that you will never erradicate the liklihood of someone landing on their head or neck. Momentum, angle of approach, difference in height and weight, whether the tackled player changes position when he/she is in the air, last minute change of direction etc etc are all factors which cannot be removed from the tackle situation. When you're taught to tackle safely, you get taught to bend your knees drive into the player and upwards to remove their momentum. Do we now need to revise how tackling is coached ? Such a frustrating matter. Red cards and yellow cards are more prevalent now than ever, but the game is certainly not a dirtier game than it has been. In fact I'd sat it's a lot cleaner. Compared to days gone by you don't see anything like the number of punch-ups or dirty play. The game is evolving and I appreciate that there are safety issues but we must understand that rugby is a highly physical game and there is a risk element involved, like any contact sport. To me there is a clear difference between driving a player's head or shoulders into the ground and simply a tackle where the player has gone into the air and through circumstance may land on his upper body first. I understand the referees are bound by the law makers rules but the sooner something realistic is brought into place the better There have been too many examples of players suffering bans for what I would consider a part of the game.
Warburton in the World Cup was not a red card but a great offensive tackle (but I get that under the current laws he had to go), Digby Ioane against the Sharks was not a red card for me just another great offensive tackle on a bigger man, and Afoa's tackle was for me just a great hit. What's next, a 3 week ban for a crooked throw-in?

6 Years, 1 Week ago