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Motu Matu'u massive hits and great sportsmanship against the Rebels

look at the second hit, mitchell runs at him and gets low and tries to run him over.... You cannot blame the head on head contact on matu'u... What would you like him to do drop onto his knees to make a tackle everytime someone leans into him??

if mitchell had run at him up right he would have been hit in the stomach not the chest... He tried to go for the bounce and got cut in half. His fault for trying to be a hero....

Matu'u got into a perfect postion to make the hit, with body postion like that you are never going to perform a spear tackle unless you stand up after contact and tip a player on purpose. Less risky technique than alot of other players if you ask me..

4 Years, 2 Months ago

Motu Matu'u massive hits and great sportsmanship against the Rebels

Both mitchell and hodgeson from the force game a few weeks back duck into the tackles. Matu'u gets low, leads with his shoulder and uses his arms. Perfectly legal hits..... really dont understand what everyone is crying about...

Secondly neck injures from whiplash come from high speed impacts like car accidents... although you could compare getting tackled by Matu'u and getting hit by a bus, i think he did the right thing by checking to see if mitchell was alive and putting him in the rescue position. There is very little risk of a neck injury for a tackle unless you drop the guy on his head.

The lesson to take from this video is do not run straight at this guy and if you do for the love of god, dont get low and try bounce him.

Legal tackles and good sportsmanship

4 Years, 3 Months ago