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Tongan Eddie Aholelei punches Jebb Sinclair after fight with Canada

The most disappointing thing is that the Pacific Islands export some fantastically skilled and physically powerful players, so they don't need the cheap shots. The high and late shots in this game are nothing more than cowardly. Just cos you're wearing rugby kit it doesn't mean you're allowed to be a thug.

Samoa have been a great example of how to develop their game with more control.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Wales thrash England by record score to retain Six Nations title

I think Brian Moore is a pretty good judge of when Penalties are correct or otherwise in the scrums, and he didn't seem to argue with many of them. Pushing before the ball is in can be 50/50 since the scrum half sometimes buys a free kick by delaying the put-in.

Neither side was penalised for early shove, so there was nothing to stop England trying it. More significant was that Marler was on a hiding from the first scrum, which set the tone.

As for a penalty for side entry prior to the first try? - The ruck wasn't formed because the England support players arrived too late - a problem for them all game.

Walsh penalised Robshaw (who I thought still shone for England) and then Warburton for the same offences in the first half.

More of a problem for England was the 'one out' pass which is designed to take the ball carriers wider, but made it harder for them to retain the ball.

I thought Clive Woodward was right when he felt that had England had the opportunities the Welsh had they would not have taken them.

England weren't bad - they competed well, but execution was the difference.

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Three red cards in heated Leicester Tigers vs Bath battle at Welford Road

Cheers Browner - making up for my laziness.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Three red cards in heated Leicester Tigers vs Bath battle at Welford Road

I actually welcome the unwillingness to tolerate high tackles - As one of the commentators alluded to it's the tacker's responsibility to make a safe, legal tackle.

I think he was unlucky, but his poor technique was also to blame. There's more to a tackle than swinging your arms, as many of the smaller players demonstrate week-in week-out.

I'd like to see an offence of dangerous play, which the refs can then judge based on all the factors. Under that definition Banahan would have got a red, Louw a red, and Deacon a yellow.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

CJ Stander scores 80m try vs Glasgow on home debut for Munster

These questions of eligibility might get more complicated if Sevens gets in the olympics, since the rules there are different.

Could be made simpler by doing it on a passport basis. So someone would really have to switch nationality.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Andrew Hore cited for off the ball stiffarm on Bradley Davies

Clearly the All Blacks aren't thugs - just one of them.

Steve Hansen wasn't universally popular when in charge of Wales, but I liked him - thought he was the kind of straight talking guy Wales needed. His straight talking seems to have deserted him , and he's dancing around the issue.

It is disappointing that he can't just say that Hore's behaviour was unacceptable and apologise on behalf of the All Blacks.

When Bradley Davies did a stupid tip tackle against Ireland, Gatland immediately acknowledged the stupidity and seriousness of it.

5 Years, 7 Months ago