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The Wraparound from Rugby HQ - Week 10

"Warning* Do not watch this video. Or if you do, for the love of god skip the bit from 0:25 to 0:45.

That bit with the blokes on the couch cannot be unseen....

2 Days, 14 Hours ago

The Wraparound from Rugby HQ - Weeks 8 & 9

3:48 - Wonderful piece of flyhalf-smashing, and antidote for those who object to Courtney Lawes inconsiderately tackling people who are smaller than him.

That Burger's a very modest bloke isn't he.

I strongly believe you should always look to learn a new fact from each Rugbydump video, so delighted to discover today that you're meant to hack up a load of mucus into your mouth instead of actually saying Gio Aplon's first name.

3 Days, 16 Hours ago

Marcelo Bosch last gasp Quarter Final penalty sinks Racing Metro

Jesus Larry, I'm not that old!! I do qualify for vets rugby but not by much... I played a bit of rugby at school 20-25 years ago, but only really got into playing regularly in the last 10-15 years. And I do still play - infrequently and at a "sociable" level.

I agree with you that I prefer a more fluid game, but generally speaking I'm against too much tinkering with the laws. Smart teams/coaches will always find solutions to problems. Good example here where Saracens players "dummied" the ruck causing the Racing boys to go off their feet.

3 Days, 17 Hours ago

David Pocock's Turnover Masterclass against the Blues

I don't even agree that he's transgressed enough in any of these situations to merit a penalty. Yeah, he treads a fine line in a few of them, but I think there's a clearly discernible release between tackle and jackal.
The faster you can execute both actions and get away with it consistently, the better you are at playing flanker.

4 Days, 6 Hours ago

The Shortball highlights from Round 9 of Super Rugby

Hope to see the full interview with that women's sevens player....... *adjusts collar*

4 Days, 17 Hours ago

The Top 5 Aviva Premiership Tries plus Highlights Wrap - Round 19

Best moment of the clip has to be the dancing fan around 1:05...

After that the pass by Joseph. Love to see him and Ford playing high up and attacking the line like that.

4 Days, 17 Hours ago

Karmichael Hunt and the ARU's realistic response

Cheers for the reply. Didn't intend to be critical of the actual piece - it's pretty entertaining - just seemed at odds with your usual "house style"!

5 Days, 4 Hours ago

Huge Hit From Peter Kimlin Leaves Leigh Halfpenny with more injury woe

Good news from the WRU medical department though - looks like they're treating North and Halfpenny's experiences as something of a wake-up call.

No medical expert myself, but instinctively I agree with the point on head guards encouraging more reckless behaviour by the wearer. Same seen in boxing and even to some extent with cycling (leisure/commuting).

5 Days, 7 Hours ago

Huge Hit From Peter Kimlin Leaves Leigh Halfpenny with more injury woe

Ouch. Hospital pass from Gorgodze there.

Possibly a blessing in disguise - don't think I'm alone in feeling that Halfpenny could do with a bit more time resting his noggin...

That "don't argue" by Bastareaud is an absolute beauty! Note to all would-be tacklers: do not go high on The Bastard.

5 Days, 11 Hours ago

Massive schoolboy hit from new Edinburgh signing Nasi Manu in 2006

I think I'm addicted to posting comments on here mate. I'm actually trying to wean myself off the habit as it's taking up way too much of my time. Somehow I just can't resist sharing my ill-informed opinions with the rugby universe...

5 Days, 16 Hours ago