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Top interview with 'arrogant' Chris Ashton upon his return to the England squad

Couldn't agree more on Rokoduguni mate. I get the feeling Bomber doesn't rate him for some reason. Hopefully he's just keeping his cards close to his chest.

14 Hours, 36 Minutes ago

Mic'd up league forward Ashton Sims is one fearless, inspiring leader

Fantastic. Absolutely loved that. More primaeval grunting in this one versus the Leali'ifano one.

Not sure which was more scary, the growling and smashing people on the pitch or Sims wearing that suit in the interview afterwards...

That tackle at the beginning is hilarious. Sometimes I wish we could do that shit in Union; if I'm being honest, most of the time I'm bloody glad we don't!

23 Hours, 54 Minutes ago

Top interview with 'arrogant' Chris Ashton upon his return to the England squad

I never boarded the anti-Ashton bandwagon and this interview confirms my opinion that he’s essentially a decent bloke and disarmingly modest.

However, my starting wings for England would be Nowell and Rokduguni. Watson (to cover all back 3) or Wade (brings something different to the game) would be on the bench. Ashton or Yarde would be #5 in the pecking order the way I see it. (I don’t rate May).

Re: Ash-splash. Can be annoying if he’s just finishing off hard work by 5-6 team-mates, no problem if he’s just beaten 3+ defenders and sprinted in from the halfway line. But the one thing that does bother me is I’ve never seen him actually commit 100% to it; the knee always comes down to cushion the landing – basically he bottles it. I’ve seen Alesana Tuilagi dive over the tryline and bellyflop from height into the turf – pretty sure he left an indentation in the ground.

1 Day, 4 Hours ago

Highlanders cruise into Super Rugby final with good win over champion Waratahs

Don't see what Cheika has to complain about with this. Looks a pretty straightforward penalty to me.

2 Days, 1 Hour ago

Hurricanes set up final clash with Highlanders after big win over the Brumbies

I bloody hate defending against people like that. I reckon I'd rather get completely steamrollered a-la-Tuilagi/Savea than be left grasping at thin air by some nimble little prick.

3 Days, 4 Hours ago

Hurricanes set up final clash with Highlanders after big win over the Brumbies

1:15 - only heard of this bloke (Nehe Milner-Skudder) a couple of weeks ago. Seems to have slipped under the radar a bit, but I saw some clips of him now and he seems to be lethal. Outrageous step and speed and always seems to get a good pass away.

I hear he's made the All Blacks training squad. Will be a tall order to force his way into the actual team, but he does seem to offer something other players don't.

3:20 - Another Pocock Breakdown Special. It's never occurred to me to try that. I reckon some refs would penalise that because it just looks a bit odd!

3 Days, 6 Hours ago

Highlanders bid for first final in 16 years while Waratahs lose Beale

Ha! Brilliant!

6 Days, 3 Hours ago

Stuart Lancaster explains David Strettle withdrawal as RWC squad train together

Not yet. Going to have it serialised in the Daily Bastard - their lawyers will be helpful in defending why I hacked Lancaster's phone, read his emails and bugged his office at Pennyhill Park for six months.

6 Days, 15 Hours ago

Japie Mulder's perfect tackle on Jonah Lomu in the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final

Understand it.
Get that it's not a big deal.
Still don't like it.

6 Days, 15 Hours ago

Henry Speight banned for five weeks for dangerous flip on Juan de Jongh


6 Days, 15 Hours ago