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Love the way it keeps cutting back to Nick Evans still banging on about his bloody fishing trip. :) Seems he's the only one who's actually put some real thought into it though!

1 Day, 2 Hours ago

Friday Funnies - Billy Vunipola defuses tensions by suggesting it's time for a Kit Kat

Gill- Chocolate fingers?
Alan- Two fingers or four?
Gill- Don't mind really!
Alan- Uuuurrrrgh!!

3 Days, 12 Hours ago

Commentators unhappy after Billy Vunipola is sinbinned for 'shoulder charge'

Agree. These are probably the same people who would sing Swing Low at a Samoa v Scotland game.

3 Days, 22 Hours ago

George Pisi demolishes opposite number Mark Bennett with huge hit

Well I'm neutral and I agree with every word of Jimmy's comment.
Having said that I would not like to wear one of those tackles myself.

3 Days, 22 Hours ago

Top 3 Best Tries chosen for New Zealand's Fans Try of the Year 2015

Yeah, has to be that first one for me. The bloke at the beginning takes on and beats 5 players in his own in-goal area. Then the passing and the collective support play is phenomenal. Even had a bit of handbags at the end for good measure.

Slightly disappointed that Sam Whitelock's from the original longlist of 15 didn't make the cut; that for me was outstanding.

The people who produced the video of Nonu's WRC try really should have started it about 10 seconds earlier; the combined effect of two incisive crash balls and quite brilliant offloads by Sonny Bill was an integral part of creating the try.

The Savea try - I can watch the few seconds from about 1:17 over and over again, where Picamoles gets clattered and then rolls around on the floor like some bloody footballer. Wonderful stuff.

4 Days, 21 Hours ago

Bernard Le Roux shown straight red card for petulant stamp

You don't think Le Roux was out of order in pinning John down and clearing Owens 2 metres away from the ruck? To be fair, there were all manner of infringements going on here; you mentioned on the other thread Scarlets 8 blatantly playing the ball on the ground, which really is frustrating to watch as Racing 9 was doing a good Pocock impression at that point and deserved to get something for his efforts.

Everything else in this incident was just handbags really, I think we all agree on that.

4 Days, 23 Hours ago

Commentators unhappy after Billy Vunipola is sinbinned for 'shoulder charge'

Ha! Yes it was a pretty half-arsed attempt wasn't it. Although I got the impression he pulled out a bit because of that elbow swinging around at face height, (which of course he could have avoided by smashing the bloke at hip height).

5 Days, 2 Minutes ago

A look at Jonah Lomu's 15 brilliant Rugby World Cup Tries

I had to chuckle around 1:55 - "can Lomu get past Michael Catt?" - I think after Catt got steamrollered by Lomu earlier in the game he probably wasn't that keen to try and stop him here.

If I'm not very much mistaken, it looks like Catty's done the old try-to-make-it-look-like-you're-trying-to-tackle-without-ever-really-getting-too-close act.

I imagine him under the posts while the conversion's being lined up, going "yeah, sorry boys, completely wrong-footed me, couldn't get near him; so annoying, I was going to crunch him that time".

5 Days, 18 Hours ago

A look at Jonah Lomu's 15 brilliant Rugby World Cup Tries

I just came across this video - Jonah Lomu and Joost Van Der Westhuizen, both shadows of their former selves but in very good spirits, sitting down with family and friends and having a good old chat, reminiscing on 1995.
If you can sit through this without "getting a bit of sun cream in your eye" then there is something seriously wrong with you.

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5 Days, 18 Hours ago

Bernard Le Roux shown straight red card for petulant stamp

(Copied & pasted, with couple of minor edits, from the Rees thread):

I think this is the first time I've seen Le Roux without his helmet. He doesn't look how I'd pictured him.

Here is my step-by-step analysis of "The Le Roux Incident" (sounds like it should be a culinary-themed espionage thriller):

- First of all he misses the point of the ruck and comes round the side and interferes with the opposition players there, so is essentially "not entering through the gate". Penalty to Scarlets.

- Le Roux then pins John to the ground and illegally (because he's offside) clears Ken Owens, preventing both of these players from being able to contest the breakdown. Penalty to Scarlets.

- Le Roux continues to pin John down, John reacts to Le Roux's provocation with some kind of grab, Le Roux responds with a quite effeminate slap, John goes for a comedy trip. No sanction for either player, these are just fun and games at the breakdown.

- Finally, Le Roux does that stampy flickykicky thing. Whilst accepting that the motive was puerile petulance and not aggression, a stamp is a stamp and it's on the exposed shin of a bloke who's lying on the ground. I think just the penalty would have been sufficient, maybe even yellow. Red seems excessive, but I don't have a problem with it because of the cheating in the run-up to it.

5 Days, 19 Hours ago