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Nick Evans and Brian O'Driscoll give a great phase play pitch demo

"Catching out the fatties at training" is the best comment ever made.

1 Day, 1 Hour ago

Dan Carter signs huge 2015 deal with Racing Metro in France

Ah - that would explain it then!

2 Days, 10 Hours ago

Friday Funnies - Prop Adam Jones' drop goal masterclass

Will be worth the wait. Bloody brilliant!

2 Days, 11 Hours ago

Dan Carter signs huge 2015 deal with Racing Metro in France

A pretty healthy pension pot there and good luck to him.

Will be interesting to see what effect this has on Jonny Sexton... I could see Carter being a very positive influence, but if Sexton ends up keeping the bench warm for him, clearly not so helpful...

2 Days, 11 Hours ago

Dan Carter signs huge 2015 deal with Racing Metro in France

Shamelessly pushing my kids into golf! I employed the high earnings potential versus risk of injury formula.

If it works out as a career - kerching! And I'll think they'll thank me for it - even the ugly golfers seem to be knee-deep in premium clunge.

If not, well there's no better dad-and-kids time than sharing a round of golf. If I'm honest, I think we'd all be happier in the latter scenario. Jesus I'm getting soft, must be the Christmas spirit.

2 Days, 12 Hours ago

USA 7's player Perry Baker kicks pitch invader after thuggish tackle

For me, the rules are very simple - pitch invaders can be categorised into four groups. Here are those groups and the corresponding actions for dealing with them:

1. Sexy woman, naked - should be actively encouraged by everyone involved in the game. Long, close-up, slow-motion video footage to be captured and posted immediately to youtube / upload request sent to rugbydump.

2. Ugly/fat woman or a bloke, naked - funny. Leave them alone.

(Caveats for groups 1 and 2 - stay away from the players and ref.)

3. Anyone who's not officially involved in the game going onto the pitch with clothes on - Twat. Have the guts to strip off or don't do it. These people should be escorted off the pitch by security, with optional roughing up, then hit with a large fine and some kind of community service.

4. Any pitch invader, (naked or not), interfering with the game itself, making any kind of contact or even looking like they might make contact with any player or official - all bets are off. You have crossed the line and deserve everything that happens to you. The player/official that's been attacked should attract no criticism whatsoever, with no limit on the level of violence in their retaliation.

In this case, I would love to have seen Baker do a Duncan McRae on this prick - he should have left the field a battered and bruised shadow of his former self, with a couple of permanent scars to remind himself of that day he acted like an utter bellend.

6 Days, 13 Hours ago

Match winning try scored by boy with Down Syndrome goes viral

Ha! I beg your pardon then.

To be honest I'm more impressed that RD can spell Ysgol Brynhyfred...

Well done and good luck to you all!

6 Days, 13 Hours ago

Match winning try scored by boy with Down Syndrome goes viral

OK, I'm going to be "that guy" - disappointing that a teacher doesn't know the difference between your and you're...

Lovely story and a nice try though.

1 Week, 2 Hours ago

Springbok 7's flyer Seabelo Senatla scores sizzling 85m try vs Kenya


But I would have LOVED it if he'd overshot the dead ball line - that would have been fantastic.

Did you see the git strolling nonchalantly away afterwards? Barely looked out of breath!

1 Week, 2 Hours ago

NEW T-Shirt - Peace and Love, I just don't like C*nts

What's the fun police reference? The three-day ban?

Seems like a reasonable way to give him a PR-friendly rap on the knuckles at the same time as keeping him fresh for the return game.

In fact, I wouldn't mind a bet that Castro will be delighted at skipping a couple of days of training!! Will probably call someone a c*** every week if that's the result...

1 Week, 2 Days ago

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