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Danny Cipriani goes through his rap sheet on the Clare Balding Show

Management tells you you're free to relax for an evening, chill out and unwind. If what works for you is to go and see a couple of mates, then that's what you should do. There is a vast body of research demonstrating that people in all professions perform better when they have a healthy work/life balance.

If he was pissed a few nights before a game, that would be a different kettle of fish. I mean, for example, if it was a couple of days before a World Cup quarter-final and he was in a bar with an international team mate, smoking and drinking and being a bit abusive to members of the public. Like world cup winners Cory Jane and Izzy Dagg for instance.

6 Days, 1 Hour ago

Danny Cipriani goes through his rap sheet on the Clare Balding Show

"he disobeyed a direct order from the old fashioned management."
But I don't think he did, did he? The management had given everyone the night off, with no training the next day and 2-3 days before the match. Most of the rest of the team were also out that night, just in different venues.

What we have in the UK is a press made up of cynical, jealous wankers who just can't stand to see a bloke doing well. Especially if that bloke happens to be good looking, in which case their jealousy goes into overdrive.

Cipriani was already being touted as the next big thing and the git also had the temerity to be attractive to women. Why were the paps hanging around at that club - where by the way Cipriani by all accounts only stayed a couple of hours without having a drop of booze? Because photos of Lee Mears, Steve Borthwick and George Chuter don't sell newspapers.

6 Days, 2 Hours ago

Hard hitting Chris Hala'ufia crunches but then slaps Scott Wilson

Judging from what he says to the captains, I surmise that Barnes gave the penalty for a high tackle. About 2:18 I think he mentions the slap so it seems he did see that.

6 Days, 16 Hours ago

Hard hitting Chris Hala'ufia crunches but then slaps Scott Wilson

It does seem unclear, doesn't it.

If you listen really carefully around 2:15, I think this is what Barnesy said:
"He then slips high. It's just a big hit. But you don't get a [inaudible] for a smack in the face", then more inaudible stuff. That makes me think the penalty is indeed for the slap.

But then, couple of seconds later: "It's going to be a penalty because he still slips high anyway. But the initial contact was below the shoulders". This sounds like he is penalising the high tackle but perhaps making a distinction between slipping up and actually making the initial hit high, (implying that if it were the latter he might have got a yellow card out).

I think this is it, because then when he talks to the players, he makes no mention of the slap: "the initial contact is below the shoulders, but he's then slipped high, so it's a penalty to you (Newcastle).

Seems a bit of a harsh penalty to me and slightly unusual for Barnes, who is usually a fan of the big hits.

6 Days, 16 Hours ago

Danny Cipriani goes through his rap sheet on the Clare Balding Show

Well he's very philosophical about it, but I think it's completely wrong that a brilliant young talent had his career pulled out from under him because of a few total non-stories. Shame on Brian Ashton for bowing down to the more rabid and pathetic elements in the media who created such a shit storm out of the nightclub "incident". These cretinous, jealous little scumbags who simply can't stand to see people succeed.

6 Days, 17 Hours ago

Richard Hibbard and Sione Kalamafoni double hit on Brad Barritt

Eddie-g, I agree, for his defensive reliability the bloke is worth his weight in gold.

1 Week, 3 Hours ago

Midweek Madness - Lee Jones prevents Fijian try after casual effort to score

Couldn't have put it better than the commentator did:
Get that in ya son! Not on my watch son!

1 Week, 4 Hours ago

Fiji beat Samoa in action packed final to win Gold Coast Sevens

Awesome final. Watching live I really thought for a minute Samoa were going to do it - back from, what was it, 26-0 down. Sterling effort.

Best bit on this post - 50-55 seconds in on video #2. I can't stand all that showboating / timewasting / cocking about all sevens players seem to do when they should be dotting the bloody ball down. Delighted to see someone smashed in the process.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Richard Hibbard and Sione Kalamafoni double hit on Brad Barritt

1) Incredible resilience to absorb the tackle and great composure to present clean ball.

2) Gloucester outside centre had rushed way out of the defensive line creating a huge dogleg. Barritt surely could see the empty space behind that defender but chose instead to run into VERY heavy traffic.

I'm actually a big fan of the bloke, but it's this kind of decision-making that makes me hope Lancaster picks someone like Eastmond over him for England.

I may be mistaken, as I'm only judging from this clip. Also the last thing I want to see is a centre running laterally, but from the comfort of my armchair it looks like he should have at least been able to get round the guy with the headband.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Sonny Bill Williams back in the ITM Cup for Counties Manukau

Ah, Sounds like there's more to that story than I realised then. Maybe I should have taken the time to read about it more before posting. All I read about was a leaflet that was admittedly quite derogatory towards female rugby players and also referred to the barmaid at some pub as a minger, plus a couple of other things like that. Didn't know about any of the stuff you mention.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

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