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Midweek Madness - The old SOMERSAULT over a tackle trick

Lovely sound effect - think it's someone putting a pint glass down on a table near the camera - just as he takes off sounds like he's hitting a springboard.

1 Day, 2 Hours ago

Controversial red card sees Sergio Parisse suspended until further notice

That does seem strange doesn't it. Don't get why.
Personally I think the red card was the correct decision and sufficient; no need for any further sanction. But that doesn't seem to be how these things work.

1 Day, 2 Hours ago

Danny Cipriani brilliance sets up outstanding Jimmy Gopperth try

I'm very surprised by those Rugby Analyst stats. Scroll down and you'll see a chart saying Ford and Cipriani have a better tackle completion rate than Farrell, who is generally understood to be one of the better defending flyhalves in the game. He does offer this caveat: "[Farrell] is a more aggressive defender and whilst Cipriani and Ford have very good completion rates, many will result in yards conceded or someone assisting the tackle".

On the kicking, the stat bunker link seems to corroborate the low figures for Farrell and Cipriani, who are both near the bottom of the table. Reckon Dan may be right about certain players taking harder kicks. Slade and Daly are very near the bottom, but I think they only get their grubby paws on the kicking tee if the kick's near or behind the halfway line.

Delighted to see the maestro that is Andy Goode right up there near the top of the table. I assume everyone's aware of this noble cause -

Going back to the rugbyanalyst link, Cipriani's some way clear on Try Assists, and I must admit I prefer watching tries than penalty kicks. Would be interested to see a Tries Scored chart - pretty confident we'd see Cipriani leading on that one too...

1 Day, 23 Hours ago

Danny Cipriani brilliance sets up outstanding Jimmy Gopperth try

The Cipriani-Gopperth combo is looking more of a masterstroke with every game they play together.

I've always been a fan of Cipriani, including through his poncing about with Kelly Brook / getting decked by Lewsey / getting decked by a bus days. His latest revival at Wasps makes me feel delighted and smug. He looks increasingly reliable AND always seems to be able to throw in a bit of magic and creative flair.

I actually think his attitude has been top class for a long time, it's another tick in the "pro" column for me. I'd be interested to know what Eddie Jones's objection to him is. He seems happy to put other players' history happily on the past (cf Hartley). And Cipriani strikes me as exactly the sort of player that Jones would want. Arguably his chance has gone now, with Farrell and Ford installed in the side, but I think on current form Cipriani is the better 10 and he's easily young enough to make the 2019 World Cup.

2 Days, 17 Hours ago

Double BITING allegations get Chris Ashton banned for 13 weeks

Dan, you should have warned me/other readers that the video contained an almost intolerable amount of Stuart Barnes.

2 Days, 23 Hours ago

CJ Stander player mic captures comment about opposition flanker

Love a bit or player mic. Really would enjoy seeing a lot more of them.
The thing I notice most is how much chat is involved. At my lowly level of the game, we're always talking about how our on-field communication needs to be better, but there's very little of it during the match, most likely because everyone is too bloody knackered to speak...

2 Days, 23 Hours ago

Quade Cooper sinbinned for off the ball shoulder on Nicolas Sanchez

Oh yes, I remember that. Wonderful moment.
In both cases, (Chabal and Hooper), we see a cheating bastard trying to illegally hold a player back, preventing that player from getting on with his game. And in both cases summary justice is served.

3 Days, 22 Hours ago

Quade Cooper sinbinned for off the ball shoulder on Nicolas Sanchez

Ah but one incident *does* establish an irreversible reputation in the eyes of a petty, judgemantal arsehole like my good self. I don't care how cleanly they act in 99.99% of the time, I will never forgive Heinrich Brussow (v Paul Williams) and Yoann Huget (v Bath) for their despicable "simulation" efforts. Even Barack Habana, a player I admire, has sacrificed a number of Stroudos Points by rolling about on the floor more than I deem acceptable.

On the Hooper/Sanchez incident, I'm not saying I'd like to be on the receiving end but it was more of a "bitch-slap" than a solid strike, in my opinion.

4 Days, 5 Hours ago

Double BITING allegations get Chris Ashton banned for 13 weeks

Good luck with that! I'm quite sure you won't get distracted and somehow end up in one of the weird sections of youtube. ;)

The incident you describe does ring a bell though...

My point here though is that Waller's arms was only across Ashton's face because Ashton was in an unusual position. If Ashton was on his feet, Waller would have hit his shoulder to clear him out. As Ashton was rolling about on the floor/other bodies, Waller had to reach down and the only thing available to grapple with was Ashton's face/head/ neck area. I'm saying he was quite entitled to have his arm across the face.

1 Week, 34 Minutes ago

Quade Cooper sinbinned for off the ball shoulder on Nicolas Sanchez

Totally agree.

Frustrating as hell in the UK, where an English commentator is pilloried if he has the temerity to show support for England.

1 Week, 41 Minutes ago