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Brazil make history with stunning victory over the USA

This guy's going to have to make some new TV ads!

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2 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Tiny Damian McKenzie somehow smashes giant Nemani Nadolo into touch

Wonderful moment. Proves that even at elite level, this awesome sport still is a game for people of all sizes.

3 Months, 2 Hours ago

Wales win comfortably in Cardiff clash with France

Eddie & Colombes, Thanks for that. Interesting insight.
I like him as a player, attacks the line well and creates dynamic attacking players. Thought he had a very demonstrable impact on Friday's game. Will be interesting to see what plays out, Plisson is none to shabby a player either but I think Trinh-Duc just gets the back line firing more.

3 Months, 8 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

@Reality, I was about to come on here simply to reiterate that I think Brown was out of order and I'd be more than happy to see a citing and subsequent ban for what I consider reckless and unnecessarily dangerous activity.

But I've just watched your video a few times and three thing a stand out:
1. I can't actually see Danny Care doing anything wrong here. Watching live I thought it was a fair cop, but the moment you cite (55"), he is clearly making every possible attempt to roll away.
2. Haskell, who at the time I thought it looked like he was (inadvertently) trapping Care in the ruck, after making an initial attempt to grab the ball was well cleared out and played no further part.
3. Conor Murray really did hold onto the ball for an atrociously illegal amount of time! Fair play to him he still had a vice-like grip on it even after being kicked in the face at least two times.

To reiterate, I am NOT saying this excuses the reckless swinging boot from Brown, but seeing as the officials decided he was OK, the next penalty in the hierarchy should clearly have been against Green 9.

3 Months, 17 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

In response to point 1, and point 2, and point 3... in fact to all 4 points, I think he actually is that stupid.
Brilliant rugby player, but it appears to me he is a moron.

3 Months, 18 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

+1 to all of that, especially last paragraph.
Itoje so far has been managed in exemplary fashion. Slightly ironic in as much as he's always looked ready and seems to be taking everything perfectly in his stride.

Looking forward to seeing if Billy V can wreak as much havoc in a couple of weeks with his cousin his opposite number. On current form I reckon he can!

3 Months, 18 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

Halcyon days, Larry. ;)

3 Months, 18 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

DrG, Thanks for the video, hadn't had a chance to see it again since the live broadcast.

I would describe Brown's actions on that video like this:
0:00 to 0:05 - the way you'd create a divot in the turf when you've forgotten to bring the bloody kicking tee.
0:07 to end - the way you'd kick a shed door to force it open where the wood's become warped in wet weather.

Neither in my opinion is an appropriate action for disrupting the ball from a ruck.

Mr m made the point below that he's probably frustrated by Conor Murray being a cheating git and illegally holding on to the ball - and getting away with it, but - like your (DrG) old favourite of being held back at a ruck - unfortunately he can't mete out his own summary justice in the form of a stud to the face.

By the way, an orthodox clear-out would surely have been more effective here. There's only one Ireland playing contesting when Brown arrives. Could he not have either smashed him with a low body position or saddle-rolled him off? That would have left Murray exposed, to the extent that even Monsieur Poite could clearly see his failure to release the ball. Or - even more controversial - allowed a team mate to come in and steal it. Maybe I'm being naive.

3 Months, 22 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

Couple of good points well mate there. You've convinced me on the Hartley non-try, (not that I felt that strongly about it); quite a few options for awarding a penalty, double-movement is probably not one of them but the outcome is the same.

Brown is more complex. You're right of course that he was dealing with a cheat. Similar to smashing someone in the face who is trying to hold you in a ruck I suppose; it's infuriating to deal with someone not releasing and not being pinged for it - maybe Brown's moves were designed simply to draw Poite's attention to the non-release by Murray. Personally I think he was just being a reckless thug.

3 Months, 1 Day ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

Agree with all of that.

The Sean Veldtmann Show (TMO not sure if that's how you spell it) was incredibly tiresome. And I think many of his calls were inaccurate as well as being annoying.

Haskell tackle HAD to be reviewed at real speed. He was maybe late by 1/100 of a second in real time. Also he was only fractionally high and that was because Murray was at a 60 degree angle at impact. Overall Haskell had a fantastic game so I hope he doesn't suffer as a result of "indiscipline".

Splitting hairs now, I would have given England a 5m scrum after Hartley's alleged "double movement"; it wasn't, he was shunted along by momentum of people joining the ruck. And I would have awarded that try to Ireland, but Poite was equally responsible here for asking a dopey question. (By the way, that protocol is total BS, isn't it!). I think Care was very unlucky to be carded, think he just got pinned in, partly by Haskell partly by Ireland players. Brown should have had a straight red for reckless use of the boot. In my opinion.

Browny is really starting to piss me off. Belongs on a football pitch. Constantly moaning at the ref, trying to get involved in petty handbags at every opportunity and actually quite a dirty bar steward, as evidenced by the swinging boot - England fan or not, I want to see that cited and hope he gets a ban; shouldn't be swinging a boot around in the middle of a ruck like that, it is almost inevitable that someone will get a stud in the face and there's just no need for it. I'm sure he's not along in doing it, but even that footballery chest-pumping logo-slapping celebration in the still above irritates me. More importantly, he NEVER passes any more. He's become predictable in attack. Makes some cracking breaks as he always has, but oppo defenders now know they don't even need to worry about the guys outside him.

I would like to see Watson take over at full back. Rokodaguni my preference to replace him on the wing

3 Months, 1 Day ago