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Sky Sport New Zealand's Fans Try of the Year 2015

Nigh on impossible to pick a winner out of that lot!

That coast-to-coast effort starting at 1:57 must be a contender. Quite enjoyed the fact that almost every single thing those players did, not just the guy at the beginning cocking about behind his own try line, seemed to be a wrong option, but their sheer audacity and skill got the job done.

The last one with Dane Coles hitting a perfect angle at pace is very nice and Sam Whitelock's is a beauty for the ridiculousness of a lock sidestepping backs and beating them for pace. From the bloody halfway line!!

2 Weeks, 23 Hours ago

Recap and Press Conference after Stuart Lancaster steps away from coaching England

That sounds unfortunately familiar. I remember a very similar phrase being used with another name quite frequently around the spring of 2008...

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Asaeli Tikoirotuma's huge hit on Tom Homer in the Premiership

I'm with you. Much as I enjoy a good offload, shit ones where there's a better alternative are frustrating to watch. If you're Sonny Bill and your other hand's tied up fending off three defenders, that is the time and place to do it.

In fact it often seems to me, (although I don't think this applies in your examples), that the deliberate/unnecessary backhand offload is done when people can't pass properly off their "wrong" hand...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Dan Carter converts final kick of Test career with his wrong foot

he'd have played as good as JW (dare I say better?) - "well" would be a start.....

Whilst it's a valid point, particularly with regard to the post-2003/4 era for Wilkinson, here is a list of names that might temper that assertion that JW was not surrounded by immense players:
Messrs Greenwood, Dawson, Johnson, Dallaglio, Hill, Back, Leonard, Thompson, Lewsey, Robinson, Moody & Catt.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

David Halaifonua red carded for high swinging arm hit on Bradley Davies

I don't like Brad Davies. He makes strange facial expressions and I still consider him an unnecessarily violent thug on the basis of that off-the-ball assault in 2012:

So, while it's never good to take pleasure in someone's misfortune/pain, I'll admit I rather enjoyed watching him get crunched here.

Leaving that prejudgement to one side, I reckon a yellow would have been sufficient here.

Yes, he clearly hit him too high, but as DrG pointed out, Davies is the height of an adolescent giraffe and I suggest that if he hadn't bent his knees so low, and I don't understand why he sunk low like that, we'd be enjoying a nice chest-height smash.

Also, that swinging arm? That is an "attempt to grasp the ball-carrier", which is what is required in the tackle law. It's not like he clotheslined the bloke, even if the outcome was much the same.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

Indeed. High risk, high reward. Reasonably high chance of making a tit of yourself and putting your team in trouble. But on the balance of probabilities, I reckon Quade Cooper achieves a far higher level of reward than cockups.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Asaeli Tikoirotuma's huge hit on Tom Homer in the Premiership

"Didn't look as though there were a lot of arms in that tackle" is grammatically and factually inaccurate.

There were four arms in total and two of them were making as legitimate an "attempt to grasp" the ball-carrier as you will see.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

I don't think I've seen another flyhalf who gets away with playing so high up. Gives himself no time or space, but has the speed of thought and execution to get away with it, especially with the comedy bounding sidestep that makes him look like a demented kangaroo. On the middle video above, around 1:10 that positioning allows him to commit three defenders and still give a perfect scoring pass.

On a different note altogether, 4:08 on the bottom video - that is a hideous swan dive by Tillous-Borde - completely bottled it and practically kneecapped himself. Almost makes the Ash splash look elegant.

3 Weeks, 3 Hours ago

Sonny Bill Williams gives World Cup winners medal away to young fan, but gets given another one

It makes complete sense. When a person runs on the pitch towards the players, Security doesn't have time to weigh up all the factors involved, like size and perceived intent. His job is simply to stop random members of the public from causing harm to the players and/or pitch.

He didn't have time to ascertain whether this was an innocent child, (incidentally Sony Bill mis-estimated his age by about 6 years), or a very small angry Scotsman*.

All he can, indeed must, do is neutralise any potential threat immediately and THEN assess the situation. Which is exactly what he did.

* Note: I realise Scotland had nothing to do with it, but when I try to picture a small, angry psychopath with malevolent intent, the image in my head is unmistakably Scottish.

3 Weeks, 21 Hours ago

Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

Pero no creo que se trata de presión, sino de probabilidad – cuando intentas tantos juegos audaces, de vez en cuando algo saldrá mal.

3 Weeks, 22 Hours ago