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Sonny Bill Williams gives World Cup winners medal away to young fan, but gets given another one

Well I say hats off to the security guard! Beautiful tackle. Teenage kid of not, that is a threat running on the field heading directly towards the players and he didn't take any chances. All these people complaining Security was too heavy because it was "just a kid" need to contemplate the repercussions had he allowed said kid to stick a blade in Sonny Bill's arm.

"Young fulla got hurt"? Diddums. Don't run on the pitch then you little scrote. Anyway, thanks to some very nicely executed technique by Security it seems he was effectively controlled without any injury to him at all.

To continue my theme of being an utterly miserable git, I don't agree with the kid keeping the medal. The only people who should have world cup winners' medals are world cup winners. This act, though noble in its intention, completely devalues the medal - although I'll retract this point if I see evidence of the medal being auctioned for a shedload of money and the proceeds donated to charity.

I'm not knocking Sonny Bill, well I suppose I am, but he did a nice thing here and on the surface it's a lovely gesture. But this will just encourage other idiots to run onto sports fields expecting similar treatment. I hope they only get the Security treatment. Pitch invasion convention is quite clear: naked adults only. I don't see why people are increasingly finding this so hard to comprehend.

3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Most Memorable Tries of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Almost hurts just watching it doesn't it!

1 Month, 7 Hours ago

Nigel Owens picked to referee the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final

Anyone else selected to ref this final would have been a travesty.

Love that scene with Hogg. I actually think Beast did bloody well to pull out of smashing him. And by the way, what a sight to behold - prop attempting to charge down a full back clearing kick.

1 Month, 13 Hours ago

All Blacks through to another World Cup Final after tense battle with the Springboks

Imagine being Bryan Habana waking up on Sunday morning. Must have had a crushing sense of disappointment. Atrocious indiscipline in defence for that Kaino try, flying up out of the line and creating a massive hole; and that deliberate knock-on at the ruck for his yellow was so brainless. Oh, and the premature rush on Carter's conversion kick - two potentially crucial points when you look at the scoreboard, (although I reckon Carter would've nailed it first time if he hadn't had Habana in his grill).

I thought he had a decent game on the whole, but if I were in his shoes those errors would haunt me for a long while.

1 Month, 1 Day ago

All Blacks through to another World Cup Final after tense battle with the Springboks

Was the interviewer referring to that massive lump as "disappointment writ large on your face"??

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Wallabies remain unbeaten to reach Rugby World Cup 2015 Final with win over Argentina

Thought Argentina played some nice rugby. Bit over-ambitious at times and lacked intelligent decision-making at crucial times. Australia discipline, particularly in defence was exemplary - very hard to play against a team like that.

Agree with Katman- well the entire comment actually, but particularly on that yellow card, which was just insane. Nothing dangerous or cynical about it, looked like a completely genuine attempt to tackle low and very clearly tried to grasp the player (remember the law states "ATTEMPT to grasp"; just slipped down Folau's thighs and was unable to wrap. Don't understand what Barnesy was on about with this "came from a distance" argument.

What about that try at the end though! That was absolutely incredible by Drew Mitchell. Imagine if Cheika and/or the Australia rugby union had refused to select him (and Giteau who had a cracker again), just because he was playing club rugby in France. They'd really have been shooting themselves in the foot there, wouldn't they..... Miserable twats in the ITV studio wouldn't stop going on about a potentially forward pass to the Advertising Agency, but come on, how dull would you need to be to cancel out a try like that!

One other observation: Argentina consistently punched holes in the Australia midfield. If they give Messrs Nonu, Smith and Bill-Williams opportunities to breach them that easily, then they will have a very tough afternoon...

1 Month, 1 Day ago

'Penalty was the wrong call' says World Rugby review of Craig Joubert decision

Is it? Even with the context of the preceding sentences?

1 Month, 4 Days ago

'Penalty was the wrong call' says World Rugby review of Craig Joubert decision

DrG, I don't know which incident you were thinking of, but in my opinion the best use of the big screen by a referee was Garces upgrading a yellow card for Stuart Hogg to a red after he jumped into Dan Biggar's temple:

I think he was entitled to change the decision like this because it's foul play. Either way, I think it was a marvellous exhibition of common sense and making best use of the available technology.

The fly in the ointment here of course is the business about home TV producers influencing the ref by showing multiple replays of incidents that would suit their team to have reviewed. The solution would presumably be neutral TV producers in charge of the live broadcast, but I'm not sure how practical that is.

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1 Month, 4 Days ago

RWC Daily: Habana's 15 tries and a Semi Final preview

Bit frustrating during that gay soft porn how they kept cutting to the bearded guy talking about rugby....

But on a serious note, those were very hideous swimming trunks. I'd be checking my contract if I was told I had to wear them.

1 Month, 4 Days ago

World Rugby CEO confirms full investigation into Craig Joubert behaviour will take place

"I don't agree that referees shouldn't be allowed to hold their hands up and admit where they made an incorrect decision after a game"

Glen Jackson did exactly that a while ago, albeit in a domestic NZ game. In fact, if I remember correctly, he justified his own decision but at the same time acknowledged that the captain (who had complained about it) was entitled to a different interpretation and that another ref might have ruled in his favour.

Lovely bit of transparency, maybe born out of empathy as a bloke who has himself played at elite level. I think he gained a lot of credibility in making that statement. However, I disagree with any suggestion that they should be obliged to come out and defend their decisions.

1 Month, 6 Days ago