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France ease past Italy with comfortable win at the Stade de France

Apart from the two tries France really didn't impose themselves on the game at all.>italy were bashing away at the line or the lions share of teh second half and a more creative/clinical team would have beaten France saying that, they've got 2 wins from two and if they can manage to beat Wales away next round they'll be huge favourites to take home the slam..

10 Months, 1 Week ago

Ian Evans facing suspension after red card for stamp on Mike McCarthy

He found his head with the first and then repeated the actiononce or twice more..if he had have left it at one, he may have been able to plead unintentional but he repeated the stamp..No problem with hard rucking of guys underneath a maul or on the wrong side of a ruck, but stamping is too dangerous..Can easily break bones and cause serious injuries

11 Months, 2 Days ago

Tevita Kuridrani receives five week suspension for dangerous tackle

Definitely agree...The IRB needs to update the rules drastically in terms of differentiating between different offences and differing levels of the same offence..

1 Year, 1 Month ago

The Wallabies claim comfortable victory over Ireland in Dublin

yes but to me it looked like he lost control just as he was grounding it meaning the ball was not in his hand when it touched the ground, or at least not in his possession and therefore it was correctly called a knock on to me...

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Sona Taumalolo and Yoann Maestri red carded for France vs Tonga fight

A part from some of the terrible calls regarding some "tip" tackles. this is the law which most needs looking at by the IRB..You cannot expect anybody to stand there and let somebody punch them in the face in the middle of the game without reacting...this is a man's game and you have to be allowed to defend yourself...Deserved red for tonga and at most a yellow for france...

We're going to get to the stage that if a guy cannot defend himself then his only option is going to be to roll around on the floor to bring attention to the incident and thus get the man sent off that way, and I don't think anybody in rugby wants to see the game go down that road..

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Shirtless Brian Lima leads Samoa in Siva Tau wardance vs Ireland

Should've put up the clip with Irish commentary, who actually respected the whole thing by shutting up and actually realising who Brian Lima was..Really annoyed me to hear these guys talking nothing of importance during the Siva Tao rather than just shutting up and letting the people enjoy it...

1 Year, 1 Month ago

England beat Argentina but frustrate fans ahead of next weekend

Not being from england I haven't seen a lot of the bad press, and generally you's do seem to beat yourselves up a lot..One negative that i would take from the game if i were English, is the fact that in the second half you seemed to let Arg run at you a lot and have large periods of possession..that's all well and good when your defense stands up but against some of the very best teams in the world openings will be found..

1 Year, 1 Month ago

England beat Argentina but frustrate fans ahead of next weekend

When i seen it live and now looking at it again it really doesn't seem like he did..Looks like a terrible call...

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Another look at the Greatest Game Ever Played - Wallabies vs All Blacks 2000

Have never seen this game in its entirety just plenty of highlight footage..It does seem like it would've been an incredible game to watch live, especially being from either of Aus or NZ...For me though personally best game ever, in any sport, is very subjective and I've never seen a match which struck a nerve with me like SA vs Lions second test 2009...I tend to like very physical matches and I don't think you'll find a match where both teams put there body on the line quite like they did that day...

Honourable mentions for me incl Leinster vs Toulouse HC 1/4 final 2006, Leinster vs Northhampton HC cup final, Eng vs Aus WC final...really hungover right now so can't think of any more at moment although there definitely are, particularly involving the all blacks...

1 Year, 4 Months ago

Butch James suspended for four weeks for high tackle on Jurgen Visser

But this is an almost weekly occurrence in the game of rugby where players are given yellow cards, or even just a talking to and then a few days later they are banned for weeks/months...If the IRB are really trying to say these incidents are worth more than a yellow well then the refs clearly are not listening..And with good reason because many of the citing commissioners are getting trigger happy in my eyes..

this incident was a yellow card at most and not worth a ban..if it was a vicious swinging arm then it would be different but it's just a case of a clumsy high tackle which caused no injury to either player..

1 Year, 5 Months ago

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